Friday, June 13, 2008

Getting antsy

Monday is my 4 week anniversary for my LTC application. I'm starting to get nervous because I really need a class A and I'm concerned they will stick me with a class A with restrictions or worse, a Class B.

A class B means no "high capacity" firearms. They term that to be any magazine-fed weapon that can hold 10+ rounds. A class B also means I cannot carry the firearm, It's a license to own I guess. I've pretty much made up my mind to get a Glock .45. As it is, I'd have to buy a used one, which could take 3-4 months to find. If I get stuck with a class B, which is wholly dependent on the mood of the Chief of Police, I can kiss that Glock good-bye.

It takes 4-6 weeks to get through the LTC process here in Mass, so I'll be nervous as heck until I actually get it. But Daddy, I want it NOW!

I already know what gun club I'd like to join when I get my LTC. It's local, has an outdoor rifle and pistol range, as well as a trap/skeet range, an archery range, and an indoor pistol range. Dues are under $200 a year. Already have the $ set aside for it, just need the license first. Would be nice to be able to practice with my bow, it's been over a year! That reminds me I need to buy some arrows with broadheads.

Since Mayberry got such a deal on a .22, I think That will be the second firearm I purchase. I haven't shot with any regularity in my life. I am a natural shot with longarms and bows, but I really have to work on my pistol skills.

Not to brag, but on fine fall day my buddy's dad took me and his son for some trap shooting. I have never been before, so I was all wired up. I was 20 at the time. Now My buddy's been shooting 12ga since he was 9, and is a decent shot. Now to make a long story short we both fired 50 rounds total between stations. He scored 38, and I scored 45... He was pissed, so I didn't get to go shooting again. Was a lot of fun though.

I expect to drop a healthy chunk of $ on ammuntion so I can practice. Argh! I hate waiting!


riverwalker said...

A close friend of mine is a "Robin Hood" type and he's got a custom long bow he's going to sell. I asked him about it and he said it was a 68 lb. pull and too much for him. I'm only 168 pounds and 57 and it's out of the question for me. He reccomended I try to go with a 45 lb. for my size and weight and could still legally hunt with it. Perhaps you could do a post on bows for us ignorant types. Seems like they would be a great "stealth" type weapon.

Mayberry said...

Damn, you need to move to Texas! A license just to own a gun? Sheesh! That's plain un-American! All we gotta do down here is walk up to the counter, plunk down the cash, wait for a 5 minute background check, and walk out with our new gun!