Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Mixing with the animals.

So I can't even go out and see a movie without some nitwit acting up. On Saturday I figured I'd escape the heat some, and go see The Incredible Hulk with Ed Norton and Liv Tyler. Movie was pretty good, I'll rent it when it comes out on DVD to see it again.

During the movie, I had this nitwit a few seats over screwing around with his cellphone. It was a really bright one, with the whole case made of pink and purple lights. After the 6th time he was screwing around with it I got his attention, and whispered, "Hey, could you knock it off with the cellphone?"
He looks over, face twisted in anger, and in a rough tone of voice, "The lights come on when I open the fucking phone."
"So what? I'm not dicking around with my phone."
He gives me a dirty look, and I turn back and say "Thank you" before he could be more of a dick.

The world is sorely lacking in common fucking courtesy. He's there with his wife and 2 young kids and gets argumentative with me? Gee, Sorry Billy, your Dad's going to the hospital to have his teeth put back in.

So the movie ends and I'm waiting for the credits to roll by because they have been putting cool stuff after them, like in Iron Man. His family stands up, and starts to head out and he's looking down at me a few feet away. I'm watching him with peripheral vision, ready to beat the fuck out of him if he takes one step towards me. I figure I have 125+ lbs on him, so in a grapple I could take anyone that small no problem. He thinks better of it and heads off with his wife and kids.
So nothing after the credits, I go to hit the head, and sure enough he's in there, on his way out. The dumb bastard barely come up to my chin! He's like 5'4" He moves to block my path in, and I look him square in the eye and shake my head. He wisely steps aside and collects up his two boys and leaves. I wash may hands to make sure he's not dumb enough to come back in.

If I was 5 years younger I would have beat the fuck out of him as soon as he talked to me in that tone of voice. Guess I'm wiser, and I do NOT want to jeopardize my class A application.

I hate people, I mean I am REALLY starting to hate people. I avoid stores like wally-world, target, etc like the plague. The mass of stupid humanity concentrated in such a small area makes me dumber by contact. I don't usually see movies opening night, I prefer to escape the heat during the weekends and catch the really important ones on the weekends during the day.

AAR: (After action report)
1) I kept my cool, and kept my tongue.
2) I refused to be intimidated, although if he was 6'4 I think my BP would have gone up a bit.
3) I was smart in waiting to make sure he didn't come back in while I was talking a (much needed) leak.

Any critiques of my behavior is appreciated. I tried to relay the event as impartially as possible.


riverwalker said...

I think it's great the way you maintained your cool. Shows good self control. Everyone knows there are a lot of sheeple out there that need a good "shearing" but sometimes it's best to just pat them on the head and send them on their way. Stupidity has no limits.

Patricia said...

I think you did very well. To reduce stress, try to control your own "buttons"--the things that can really piss you off. The more you can control your own emotions, the less other people can annoy or anger you. You win in the stress reduction category. And in that, you're doing really great!

The less stress, the less illl-health. That's my take on this--don't let other people manipulate your emotions. Of course, controlling oneself is very difficult to do. But as you've shown, it is doable. Good job.

Staying Alive said...

It's reall wonderful to maintain your cool and it is equally great to control your stress, BUT GODDAMN IT'S GOOD TO WIN, TOO!



Bustednuckles said...

It just ain't worth the hassle anymore,Ya pound his ass, they call the cops and the next thing ya know, you are in anger management classes for two damn years at Fifty bucks a class.
Oh yeah ya also get that real nice Assault and Battery on your record.

Freakin' Nanny State.
And no, I didn't get my knuckles busted from fighting, I'm a mechanic.

Mayberry said...

Most people are assholes. I just avoid 'em myself, 'cuz like you, I'd like to give most of 'em a little attitude adjustment over the top of their head. Screw 'em. They'll be the ones wasting away in the labor camps, while you're safe and fed 'cuz you had enough sense to prep. Don't pound on these dumbshits now, wait 'till after TEOTWAWKI. and they'll get their own. Or eat hot lead as they try to steal your stash. Either way, they'll get what's coming to them. They all do eventually, kharma's a bitch!