Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Toadies

So every now and then we need to blow off some steam. I went with some buddies to the Toadies concert at the Middle East Underground in the PRC (People's Republic of Cambridge). What a show! I always regretted not seeing them, and I had no ides they re-united and were on tour. Mien Gott, what a great show.

I got totally hammered, which is required by law to keep my Irish Heritage official. Was good to not worry about work, preps, the mortgage, etc. for a night.

About the PRC. Most of the rest of country thinks Mass is liberal. Well I live in Mass and the citizens of Cambridge are as liberal as it gets. They make regular liberals look like Oklahoma Republicans. They will tell you how to think under the guise of being free-thinkers. They will tell you guns are evil. Abortion is good. If you have a penis then your to blame for everything. It's comical. Well I need to keep laughing or I'd be beating the snot out of the next nitwit who smells like Patchouli.

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