Monday, June 23, 2008

are you F'ing kidding me?

So the republicans came up with this: $300 million to whoever builds a better battery. That is pure fucking genius. So lemme ask the question where is the money coming from? So I get to pay out of my taxes for something that the government should have been working on for 30+ years? In McCain's brilliant plan, every car made that is zero emissions gives the auto company $5,000 in tax breaks. For each car! If it's not coming from taxes then the FedGov is going to print more monopoly money to pay. Reduce corporate taxes, spend more money. That is just SUPER!

So the Saudis have played the American government like a fiddle. Bush goes in and begs for them to increase production, and they basically say "Fuck off!" Now they say they will increase production to win over the stupid people's public opinion. "Gee they are pumping more oil, why is gas still going up? Must be the Oil Companies!" Well what I see buried in the press reports is that the Saudis are pumping high-sulfur crude, which is shitty for making gas. Classic bait-and-switch.

I'm surprised that gas has not gone up more. Crude has doubled in price, but gas hasn't doubled... I need to do more poking around and see what the historic trend is between the price of crude and the price of gas. I also need to trend the price of #2 heating fuel because that is what I heat the house with. I got to polish up my crystal ball and see what we are in for this winter.

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