Sunday, June 8, 2008

Flea Market finds

Just got back from a bike ride in the sweltering heat we have here today. That's a petal bike, BTW. Thought it's be a good idea to bike to the market since I'm out of mayonnaise. Humidity's up about 90% and it's 90+ outside right now.

I braved the early morning heat to hit a flea market. Some major finds this trip! I got three compression sacks for sleeping bags and such, $3 each. A huge mosquito net for $6. A military duffel, with shoulder straps for $5. And a folding shovel for $10. Not too shabby a haul.

I am still looking for a decent pair of binoculars and a decent hatchet. No luck with either, yet. Nothing good enough that's cheap enough. What I am seeing are vendors asking $20+ for a pair that are so scratched I can't see through one side. Likewise, I can get a hatchet for $10 new so why pay $5 for one beat to hell?

So here is what I'm still looking for:
a few bandannas
bug spray (Keep forgetting to buy some)
Binoculars (pref 50mm)
firearms (still waiting on the LTC first)

So far so good. I should be getting my LTC in the next 3 weeks, here in the nanny state, it takes 4-6 weeks. I'm starting to get worried they'll give me a class B :( we shall see.

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riverwalker said...

I regularly do the garage sale thing and have found some great deals. The local re-sale shop is a regular haunt of mine.