Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Alaska Experiment

I just got done watching the whole series "The Alaska Experiment" which aired on Discovery Channel. I have to say that it was a really good show.

It's only eight episodes long, and chronicles the effects of four groups of people dropped off in the middle of Alaska in late fall. These groups are provided a staple of rice, beans, flour, salt, etc. but NO protein. They have to get that themselves.

None of these people had ever been more than a weekend camper. No hunting skills, one of them was going to become a vegetarian! To see the amount of fat stripped off of these people in 3 months is incredible. Burning 5k calories/day and eating 2k will do that to you though.

It is definitely worth recording and watching sometime. One of the funniest moments is the look on a girl's face when the gut a rabbit. She looked like she just learned where babies come from - the hard way! ZOMG I had to rewind a bunch on that scene. Like Caddyshack it kept getting funnier the more I watched it.

There is some good info in the series for survivalists. Not the "how to skin a rabbit" stuff but how groups of people band together, what dumb things NOT to do, how cabin fever plays tricks on the mind. It even gives me hope, because one of the guys was tubby like me, and did just fine... Reminds me I need to go for a bike ride more often.

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Staying Alive said...

I'll see if the Handmaiden can get that series so we can watch it. Sounds interesting as hell! But it is amazing what a group will do to survive. They will work together and cooperate. They will come up with good ideas. It's really something to watch the human family faced with extinction.