Saturday, June 21, 2008

shopping today

Well the early bird gets the worm, but the early prep shopper avoids the sheeple!

I dropped $40 on 10 gallons of gas, all mixed with fuel stabilizer and carefully stashed in the garage. While shopping I got an extra 4 cans of canned chicken breast - I hate spam so I don't even bother. Bags of rice are now $30 in BJ's, they were $20 when I started. I attribute panic to the increase, along with extra fuel costs. I grabbed six of the mini propane tanks for my lanterns and camping stoves as well, and stashed them in my basement.

I swung by a local bargain store and got 100 tea light candles for $3 and 50 citronella tea light candles for another $3. Also scored a pair of swim goggles for $1 for my civil disturbance kit.

A I also picked up maps of the NE area, and a detailed Boston map and tossed it into the Mini-BOB

The local archery guy has no 3 bladed broadheads, but pushed me to buy a dozen carbon fiber arrows without tips for $120. I'll pass. I did pick up a string silencer. I'll buy 6 three bladed broadheads online, and convert 6 of my existing arrows over. I will be buying CF arrow shafts online. For the price the local shop has them I can buy them online, and a fletching jig, and do it myself and save a few $.

I am working on a post about archery. It's really big at the moment, and I need to break it up into logical sections, ad do more cleanup.

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riverwalker said...

Waiting for the archery posts!