Sunday, March 29, 2009

Well the Jeep needs $1100 worth of work, 90% of which I cannot do. That doesn't include any tranny work, so that's $400-$500 even if it's just a seal or something. So the Jeep is dead.

So now I got to scramble to get a car. I'll dump the Jeep to a junkyard, should get $400 or so for it. that plus my emergency fund from my taxes gets me $2500 towards something else. I'll be heading out soon to hit a few car dealerships so see just how ready they are to cut a good deal.

Yesterday was a big day for preps. My local gun store had a 500 round case of Golden Bear .308 ammo for $250 so I grabbed that and 300 rounds of .22LR. I went grocery shopping and went all out. I spent $150 on food preps. It's a lot, but it's something that has to be done. I loaded up on some of the items I've been passing by. Baked beans were on sale so I grabbed another 20 cans. I grabbed peas, carrots, and sauerkraut. I got 20# of dried beans. I also grabbed 5 bottles of my favorite taco sauce! good stuff. If I get a chance I'll load up on some more bulk items at BJ's like ketchup and BBQ sauce. I grabbed some canned soups that were on sale too.

I'm at the point where I need to do an extensive inventory and see what I have and what else I need to get. I'm also close to being immobile with all this food. From now on I need to focus on the dried foods. Maybe #10 cans of dehydrated stuff. The canned goods are going to be real heavy to move if I need to bug out.

Which reminds me I need to pre-position some foods out with Mum. I'll grab the heavier stuff and stash it there in case we are separated for a long time or I have to bug out from here.

Off to deal with the one class of people worse than politicians. Used Car Salesmen!

Keep prepping everyone, keep communicating. I fear summertime will bring a lot of surprises, most will be ill news. We still have time, though.


western mass. man said...

Used car salesmen suck. LOL
I've been lookin as well. Wifey's car lease expires next month. IMHO, in my area anyway no one is budging on price. I would have better luck with a new car and the rebates compared to a used car.
I'm not sure what you are lookin for, but, I had to take a quick trip to Albany to get a hydraulic pump for one of the trucks at work, and someone had a 96 GMC/Chevy 1500 4x4 extended cab pick-up for sale for $3000 or b.o. It's black with no rust that I saw. I didn't talk to anyone, just a quick pull over to see the price. It matches the one I have now, just a different color.
Drop me an e-mail if you want me to look into it further. It's here in town, and about 10 minutes away.

milton f said...

I think it was Gary North who suggested that you can nearly always get a better deal when you buy privately. Regular people are much more likely to cut you a deal and there is no middle man markup.
Good luck!

Mayberry said...

Dealership?!! Dude, Craigslist! Down here, I saw an '89 Wrangler for 2500 bucks the other day. I know you need wheels, but take yer time and find a good private sale....

Shy Wolf said...

Maybe a pickp with topper is in order? Even a small S10 size, or 1/4 ton Ranger?