Friday, March 6, 2009


A few nights ago, as I was trying to fall asleep an idea struck me like a thunderbolt. Of course I should have wrote it down, because it was a damn good insight. But of course I was exhausted and too lazy to get my ass up and write it down. I then couldn't remember it for the life of me. Figures.

But alas! This morning as my alarm went off and I fumbled to toss it across the room. I remembered! Ha. My mind is still like a trap. A sewer trap, but hey! I remembered.

So what hit me like a thunderbolt was the idea that:
To be free you must accept responsibility.

At first it sounded like a load of hooey, but my subconscious won't let me drop it until the rest of my mind has gone over it. After thinking and pondering while on hold for several hours with Dell and VMware support, I think I have the beginnings of what this means.

We preppers are doing it already. We want to be free from a FEMA camp. We want to be free from dependence on government institutions. So we stock up on food and water so we don't have to rely on Uncle Sugar. We stock up on medical supplies and the skills to use them so we don't have to run to the hospital for every little boo-boo.

I want to be politically free, to do so I must take responsibility for my own governance. Since I am responsible for the mess we are in, I need to take ownership of it and do my best to fix it. therein lies the road to true freedom. And if the system is held together by the will of idiots, then I am responsible for making the choice of living with it or voting with my feet.

Let's look at the flip side. If I'm dependant on welfare to feed my kids then I'm shackled to the system. These days that's like being a rat on the Titanic.

I need to think aboutt his some more.


Anonymous said...

I think that is actually a very profound statement.

Have you read "Man's Search for Meaning" where Victor Frankle suggests that we should have a "Statue of Responsibility" to match our Statue of Liberty?

The two ideas just don't come separately.

3rdman said...

"To be free you must accept responsibility"

How true this statement is. Everything you said is what most Conservatives(me) and Libertarians hold as their core values. Where Libertarians tend to stray is over the legalization of drugs other than marijuana(have no problem about this being legal, regulate like Alcohol). My feeling is the you cannnot live by the above statment if you trade one tyrannt(Gov) for another (Drug addiction). The second being far more dangerous because it will force you to become dependant once again on the first(Gov) for hand out because you are no longer a fuctional part of the community because of the addiction. This would be the result of legalizing all drug under a total Libertarian style government. We have to come together somewhere in the middle with Conservatives and Libertarians working together with the goal being the above statment. Just my 2cents.