Friday, March 27, 2009


Why am I so freaking pissed off lately? I should be happy. I got a job, got out of my truck payment.

I'm about to start regularly playing relaxing games with my friends on Friday nights. Tonight I'm playing Civilization 4 with a good friend. Next week we start a RPG game. Been a long time since we did that. Should be a blast.

I guess part of why I'm pissed off is because of the accident. Everything I need to do can only be done during business hours. So next week I got to burn a vacation day. Pisses me off.

Maybe it's some of the friends I play with. They are on social security due to disability. HALF of my goddamn salary goes to them, and others like them. They both can work. Although one would have to work from home. The other never had a job. 19 years old and didn't even TRY working before going on SS.

It gets my blood boiling. They cut long distance service to save a couple bucks a month, but the thought of getting a job is right out the window. It just doesn't make sense to me.

To me this is where the system fails. It's too easy to scam. It would be better for us to have no safety net than to have one so cancerous. Something given away for nothing holds no value to the recipient. Why get a job when they can eat and play video games all day for free? It's bullshit.

They like to talk religion with me. They are Jehovah's Witnesses. Now JW's have some pretty extreme beliefs if your a "main stream" Christian, but since I'm agnostic I really don't care. They frown on my belief that the bible is just a book, that the Word of God(s)(ess)(es) couldn't be written on paper or known in it entirety by a human mind. We can get the synopsis, just not the whole novel. Enough of that though, getting too close to religion talk on the Blog.

I try not to talk religion, as we have very different beliefs. They want me to convert because they honestly love me and want to see me in the afterlife. So I hold no ill will to them for that, but it gets tedious. And like all zelots, you cannot argue with them. All you can do is point out the flaws and try not to hit them with something blunt.

One tennent of the JW's faith is not to get involved with secular government. My new strategy when they discuss relgion with me will be to grill them on why they are socialists. Now, "officially" they are not. They hold no political party, and support no candidate. So they are politically agnostic. Let's see how they deal with me trying to get them to join the second American Revolution! Ha!

Well I hope everyone has a pleasant weekend. I'm going to try to. Tonight I got to replace the Lee Primer that snapped in my hand like nothing while trying to load primers into military brass. What a pain in the ass. I might have finally figured out what was causing reloaded rounds not to feed in my M1A, and the primer breaks. Just my luck.


Anonymous said...

Did you ream out the crimp in the primer pockets?

Mayberry said...

People like that would piss me off too.... A lot of folks are just pissed in general as we sit back and helplessly watch our country go down in flames.....

Natog said...

yeah, I cleaned out the primer pocket... forgot to mention it.

Although I don't like my current tool, I think I'll look into another, then keep the current as a spare.

Shy Wolf said...

Welcome to our New World Order: pist off and frustrated.