Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Well I'm getting a whole lot of jitters lately. The crushing economic news is just too depressing to read anymore. Read it I must though, better to be informed than clueless.

This has certainly affected my mental outlook on a day to day basis. Compounding this is all the crap going on at work. I don't think I'm on the block for a pink slip, but there is this asshat who thinks he knows everything, but doesn't even know the basics of computers. I've been doing this a long time, and dealing with this chucklehead is taxing. I've heard a rumor he's going for the team lead position that's opening up soon. Just great. I won't last long with him in charge, I would be unable to do my job.

That's enough of that. I have to have a long, hard conversation with my good friend "Al." He's aware of the financial crisis, but I got to figure out how to bring him on board for prepping. He has nothing for gear, supplies, camping, etc. No food stores, no water. Nothing. I've tried to work up my nerve for a while, but I'm not sure how to bring him on board without him thinking I'm even more of a fruit-loop than he thinks I am already.

Just got off of the phone with another buddy, he's a LEO and fully expects the crime rate to skyrocket. He doesn't think we are looking at a total systemic collapse. He thought the unemployment rate was 8%, he was floored that it's twice that.

Becoming the point man for information dispersal is a freaking second job. Wish me luck!


3rdman said...

Officially its about 8.1%, but if you add all the people working part-time who want to work full-time it jumps to about 15%. Saw a so called expert on MSNBC talking about it the other day.


looking4aline said...

The last I looked Shadow stats had the rate at around 20% which puts us in the middle of one of those darn "D" words! Keep up the good work and when is the next segment or your story?

Bitmap said...

It's difficult to pick "the" number for unemployment. Some people are on unemployment but not truly looking for work. Some have run out of unemployment but are still looking. Some areas, like OH and MI have very high rates and will go higher, while other areas, like LA have a much lower rate.

The crime rate will go up. Some will be desperate people that want to provide for their families. Some will be young people that now have too much time on their hands. Some will be hardcore creeps taking advantage of the situation when cities reduce the number of officers on patrol because of reduced tax revenue and increased demands on "free" services.

Publius said...

Good luck! You're doing a pretty good job.

I have much the same problem: only one, just one good friend who is onboard. He has more resources than I do and has been generous at fronting money in buying suppplies.

But it's time to stop pussyfooting around with the information.

hilljack33 said...

Watching the economic news can indeed be "draining", but it needs to be watched. Even though I am seeing the possibility of a collapse, I am not seeing an immediate collapse like some people do.

But of course I am well prepared if it does. I still think prepping is a good idea and still do it, but I am not seeing an immediate collapse. That of course could change at anytime.

Now is not the time to stop prepping, but also being emerged in all the negative news can make you antsy. Some times it's good to step back and get some perspective.

3rdman said...

Bring Al on board. Start with ready.gov. It would help by making prepping mainstream for him. If he thinks that the government is supporting him prepping then he may be more inclind to start. While this site stop far short of what you need to do it is still a starting point for newbies.

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