Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Last week I was in an accident. Everyone is ok, thankfully, but they totaled my Jeep. This is a good thing, because I don't have to pay $400/month. But then again I'm out reliable transportation.

I own an older Jeep That I hadn't figured out what to do with, so I need to get it back on the road. I finally got myself a battery charger and I've been trickle charging it during the colder days to keep the battery happy. I currently got a rejection sticker on it from the fall, so I can't drive it around. It got rejected because the battery was dead as Ceasar for a long time. The computer needs to get data so it can tell the inspecting computer everything is happy.

I'm not worried about the emissions, I just got to get it to the garage to get another rejection sticker. Or hey, I might pass because I've been running the motor while working on the garden to get time for the computer to be happy.

I do have a lot of work that needs to be done. The drivers seat is trashed, and needs to be replaced. I've been calling junkyards without any luck. The interior is beat to hell after 100k+ miles, but that's no biggie. The back wiper is toast, freaking thing never worked right anyways. I need to upgrade the headlights' bulbs, and get the plastic cleaned up. It's dark grey from all the years of salt and crap.

Then there is the tranny. A garage I used to do business with decided it would be good to pull off one of the re-breather hoses for the transmission during an inspection. I lost a lot of fluid on a long trip I took, and ran it almost dry before I figured out what the fuckers did. Since then it hasn't been reliable for me. It works, but I just don't trust it. I'll take ot to a local tranny shop I've done business with before and see what they think.

So I have some options. Option one would be to fix up my '96 Grand Cherokee Laredo. It's got 140k of hard miles. It has the straight-6 engine so parts are plentiful and easily aquired.

Another option would be to buy a Wrangler, International Scout, etc that's in rough shape and do it up.

And finally with the economy in the tank, I might be able to get a new pickup cheap. Ny buddy bought a lincoln luxury SUV that lists for $48k for $26k...

I guess I need to decide what I need in a vehicle. I need it to be a daily driver that is good in the snow, can get to my fishing holes, can tow a small boat, and can act as a BOV. Well it all starts with getting the tranny looked at.

Now I got plenty to do with that $400 a month, believe me! Prep, Prep, PREP!!!!

Anyone who knows what to buy or stay away from, let me know!


Mark Kent said...

Toyota FJ-40 Land Cruiser. It will pull anything, go anywhere and the engine if original not a V8 replacement is built like a tank. It comes with a straight DEEP six. Will put any other 4X4 to shame, I mean any. Used one are like gold and run about $4000.00 or more. But worth every penny. In a tractor pull a stock one pulled a full pull of 10,000. They are geared for anything. The only 4X4 that can crawl over obstacles in 4 wheel low without touching the gas, at an idle (been there done that). Designed to do that. Check one out you will not be sorry.

FarmerGeek said...

Sorry Mark, I would tell him to avoid the FJ's... You are right, they are excellent vehicles, especially for off-roading, but with the economy the way it is and used models becoming more rare by the day, some parts are very ... difficult... to find, and nigh on impossible to find cheap.

It would depend on what your needs are. You say you have an older Jeep... what do you mean by that? Since you mentioned a computer, I would assume either a late YJ or early TJ... (unless it's a Cherokee). I personally would stick with those because parts are abundant and you can find them cheap. Then again, I am a huge fan of older trucks... no computers, can work on anything that breaks, and parts are found in almost any scrapyard. But then fuel costs become an issue.

New vehicles are going for dimes on the dollar, but then you have computer to deal with. Better fuel economy, and hopefully something wouldn't go wrong for a good long time, and you should be able to get a warranty.

Guess it all depends on how much you can afford and what you need. Good luck with that man!

erniesjourney said...

I went cheap on vehicles Natog - so paid off soon. IDK the answer - hubster wants to go out and get a newer truck but I don't want another payment and insurance. Glad you are okay.

Selous Scout said...

Buy a cheap Ford Escort for commuting, put your $$ into the Grand Cherokee for a BOV.

Lots of options with a hybrid 4.0/258. Carburetors, breaker point distributors; all EMP proof.

I admit it, I am an AMC buff!