Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A response to Jeff.

Jeff left a comment on an earlier post defending my position that the president should fuck off. Here is his comment.
Seems like you've been listening to Rush way too much. Good luck with that. The likes of Rush and Dick Morris will stir up your hate for the benefit of themselves and their cronies, not for the common good. Why does Obama preach doom and gloom? I know you know it, but things aren't too peachy in this republic of ours. Things were going down fast before he took office. Don't hate the messenger. And for god sake's stop listening to that pill popping wind bag.

By the way I still think it is far too harsh.
I don't listen to any talk radio except sports, and the occasional John Lipscomb show. I personally think Rush is a complete tool, along with Coulter, Morris, etc. I agree that most talk radio is mindless in it's abject hate for the other side. It's a reflex reaction. If a liberal says the sky is blue then three conservative talk show hosts will immediately jump all over it saying that it's wrong. So we pretty much agree on your first point.

Now for the next point. I know why Obama preaches doom and gloom, I outlined it quite clearly in my first post: personal gain. Now the messenger has two ways of telling the message, a nice way and a menacing way. Obammy chose the latter. Therefore he can fuck off IMNSHO.

Actually this mess started with Greenspan getting the job in 1987. It continued though both democrat and republican presidents until now. So both parties are to blame. A valid argument could be made that this all started with the creation of the Fed in 1913, and the dollar's removal from the gold standard by Nixon in 1971. The most recent Bush is far from blameless but he's not the only one to blame for this mess.

Who is to blame? I am. You are. Everyone who has let the wool be pulled over our eyes. All those years of blissful ignorance and flase prosperity have to be paid for. Now the bill is due and we are all going to have to pay up. We let our Federal government walk all over us and bloat itself into the inefficient monstrosity it is today. Obammy promised change, well he will get it one way or another. His current path is going to screw things up a lot worse than they are now. What's going to happen in the inner cities with 20% unemployment? Nothing good, I can assure you of that.

When the system collapses, then Obammy will get his change. Don't get me wrong, McCain is no better. He's just as much a tool of the system as all the other nitwits in our federal government.

We have had tea parties already. These (mostly) symbolic acts will rise in both fequency and support. Hey, if we are lucky we will see a revolution. Hopefully a peaceful one where 35 states tell the Fedz to shove it up thier ass.


Andrea Murrhteyn said...

Who is to blame? I am. You are. Everyone who has let the wool be pulled over our eyes. All those years of blissful ignorance and flase prosperity have to be paid for. Now the bill is due and we are all going to have to pay up. We let our Federal government walk all over us and bloat itself into the inefficient monstrosity it is today.

Amen Brother! Now the more of us that can say so; and can take a look in the mirror; the more chance there be to start doing within our own lives what needs to be done to really change.....

Well Said! And... it ain't a message many people want to hear; cause many are as addicted to being 'consumers' to consume a bunch of shit, with money they don't have to impress people they don't like (and this they are as yet incapable to realise is the essense of emotional, psychological, intellectual and financial INSECURITY: and is why they are referred to not as 'humans' but as 'consumers'; or more aptly 'walking ATM's' for the Fortune 500, and Catholic Church et al). And one of the things they are addicted to 'consuming' is 'hate' and 'blame'; that NONE of the state of the world, and it's current reality or problems; have ANYTHING WHATSOEVER TO DO WITH THEIR MASS HERD LIKE BEHAVIOUR.....

So, I salute you; and I imagine there be plenty of addicts who ain't quite yet ready fory our message of take personal responsibility: confront reality; and for them they gonna need a bit (or allot; poor fucks) more pain.

If enough confront reality to reach a tipping point for a revolution of consciousness: a change of living in terms of more realistically (thoreau like) with nature and sustainably.... If there ain't enough to confront reality -- the elite and TPTB, shall implement the Fema hell option.... to avoid the Guillotine French Revolution option, which of itself shall not be a revolution of consciousness anyway; just an ignorant mob of power addicts replacing another mob of power divide and conquer hate addicts.

Anyway, that's my views.


Mayberry said...

And he scores! Yessuh, that's it. Now as far as talk radio goes, there are independents, like Jerry Doyle, Michael Savage, and Glenn Beck who "get it", and aren't tools of the Repugnican party....

Jeff said...

Well said, Natog. Sorry if I misread that you listen to Rush. It just sounded a lot like what he has been preaching lately. My whole point in responding to your post was that I felt strongly that telling the new president to Fuck Off might not be the best way to express our anger. I agree with you that we are all to blame for this mess we are in. We all need to use our anger to be more involved in the political process and hold our representative’s accountable, to make better choices, to be better citizens. Where we disagree is that I think we have a chance, however small, of a brighter future for our kids with Obama as our president. I don’t agree with everything that he says or does, but I believe that his actions are the only chance my son has at a life of happiness and opportunity instead of pain and suffering. I believe his intentions are good. I choose to believe it. For the first time since I can remember, there is some transparency coming from the oval office. We have access like never before to decisions made by our Government. Whether Obama is preaching doom and gloom or just telling it like it is can be debated. I think this is the right step forward. On a side note…I don’t believe he is going to try and take our guns. If he tried that I would change my view immediately and join you in telling him off. Maybe down the road you can explain a little further your thoughts on how Obama is getting personal gain from any of this. Thanks for all your posts.

irishdutchuncle said...

as if the anti-catholic churches don't need or ask for money... or maybe the catholics said something you want is a sin, and it isn't within their power to change it, is that your definition of hate? blame? your obvious hatred for the catholic church distracts from what you're right about: people spending money they don't have, to impress people they don't like.

the catholics are all about personal responsibility, and totally about being natural. (as defined by the Deity which created them and nature as well)
now, while i'm holding out hope that it's all a jesuit plot, most of the major figures in the british-american power elite have been mainstream protestants.

the road to hell is paved with good intentions. in britain and australia, they've already taken the guns, and in canada they are trying.

the evil republicans were not able to foist all this onto america, when they tried. (during the taft admistration) they had to get a millionaire democrat to propose the same bill again, in 1913 and then they all made it happen under woodrow wilson. obama may do what bush was unable to do, destroy america. you can draw your own conclusions about the why, the how is pretty obvious.

irishdutchuncle said...

and another thing...
now it takes two incomes, to get us into more financial trouble, than we traditionally could get into on just one. (yes, people were lead to believe that housing prices would escalate without end) many of us boomers grew up living the good life in the suburbs, but our older siblings and cousins may have lived in the city as youngsters, and remember first hand why our parents were so desperate to move out here, in the first place.

the social engineers dropped blockbusters, which colapsed city real-estate values. the real-estate agents made up with sales volume, what they lost in indivigual commissions. that loss of value had been the life savings of the "greatest generation" up till that time. they had to borrow more than was prudent in order to start over. (but lived to tell about it)

consumerism also resulted from the pent-up demand for consumer goods following sixteen years of depression and war. (brought to us by the same people who gave us the federal reserve) this way of life is all we have known, and congress and the banksters have been happy to facilitate it.

now that we understand the problem, the solution is exactly the opposite of what the obamination is doing. when you find that you've dug yourself into a hole, first, STOP DIGGING!

Andrea Murrhteyn said...


Not clear what you meant by your post:

I imagine you may have misinterpreted what I said, perhaps a bit sensitive on the 'catholic' issue, or soething, cause I aint clear where you are coming from, except that you appear to be offended by your interprettion of something that I said, when your intepretation of what I said, may not be anywhere near close to what I meant.

I'd be happy to clear up any misunderstanding, but I am unable to clear up, how you create interpretations of a statement, made by someone else like me, that is NOT THE INTEPRETATION THAT I MEANT.

I define an act of hate, as intentionally, and maliciiously deceiving another.

I know that some in the hierarchy of the Catholic church (et al, referred to any other 'organixed religion' based on a 'corporation' of an 'absolutely infallible correct intepretation of gods words' as the foundation of the profit for thier CORPORATION), intentionally and maliciously, for financial and status purposes deceive their 'flock'. I imagine there are a great number who work in the Catholic Church who are unaware of the decpetion, or are afraid to cognitively confront it.

And I don't in any way 'hate' the Catholic Church, or anyone in it. For me the highest act of love, is to be brutally honest with another.

Anyway, not sure if you are interested in a conversation or finding out what I think, before putting words in my mouth, as per your choosing to know better what I am saying, than I do myself.

If you are interested in my perspective, not your putting words in my mouth. I appreciate finding clarity. If you prefer just knowing what I say, without any enquiry; then I'm okay with you sticking to your infallible interpretations as the absolute truth.


Andrea Murrhteyn said...


Hey, just after posting your message, I got a synchronicity message, and read this post of Ali Suna's where he said more clearly some of what I was attempting to say.... about how certain 'prophets' ain't all they are made out to be, and ain't quite being honest about their intentions, with thier 'prophecies' et al....

Anyway here is an excerpt thereof:

Now, assuming all these universes are created by a god, would such a being care whether creatures insignificant as us humans worship him or not? Would you give a hoot if the ants in your backyard worship you? The difference between you and the ants in your yard is insignificant compared to the difference that exists between you and the maker of these multiverses. Don’t you think by assuming that this magnificent being is concerned whether tiny creatures like us humans worship him or not is damn stupid? If God actually exists, it is nothing short of blasphemy to say he is so desperate to be known and worshiped that he would punish measly creatures like humans for eternity just because we did not worship him. What would you think of me if you see me picking the ants in my garden and throwing them in fire and tell you, I am pissed off of them because they do not bow to me? Wouldn’t you say Ali is crazy? Then how is it that when a charlatan narcissist like Muhammad attributes such craziness to God you fear that he may be telling the truth?

The fact is that Muhammad was a liar. He could not say, I want power, I want money, I want women and I want you to worship me and obey me. So he invented a deity who was none but his own alter ego and made him tell the foolhardy people to obey Muhammad and do his bidding.

Original is at: The Fear of God

So irishdutchuncle.... ain't received my valentine tulip yet! ;-) Whats wrong with ya man? ;-)


Staying Alive said...

I argue about this with one of my friends all the time. He says WE are to blame and I say I don't know about that. The media was very complicit in telling us how well we were doing. And you COULD go to the bank every couple of months and get some more money for you house in the form of and extended mortgage. And we were working and spending and didn't have time to look for monsters under the bed. But if you want to say we are to blame, it's okay with me.


irishdutchuncle said...

yeh, what michael said.

Lara, i only responded to what i thought i read in your post. if it isn't what you said, then i am sorry. i read survivalist blogs to improve my families chance of survival, hopefully not needing to answer attacks against my faith.

Natog, did you hear about your senior senator today? the brits gave him a knighthood. (is that for his efforts to destroy america?)

Andrea Murrhteyn said...


Of course it is relative; the 6.8 billion people on this planet are all participating in the co-creation of the religious, corporate, emotional, psychological, etc.. illusions, and reality on this planet; AS CO-CREATIONISTS. What our collective acts, and consciousness has and is creating, as a result of the quality and quantity of our ego, emotional, sexual, financial etc. greed, intolerance, hate, love, joy, kindness and the balance thereof is OUR COLLECTIVE FUTURE. We could CO-CREATE A DIFFERENT FUTURE, IF WE -- UNLIKE OBAMAMANIANS -- REALIZE THAT IT TAKES NOT ONLY 'HOPE' BUT COMMITMENT AND ACTION.... BY ALL OF US.

Of course, some people with more emotional, psychological, intellectual, financial, political, military etc. resources, have a greater leverage in the parts of CO-CREATION, than us proles; but where we as proles, choose to remain ignorant and be manipulated by those that lie to us, we make those choices based upon our greed to believe whatever 'fantasy' these oil sales snake politicians sell us!! yes they are low life scum, but when we believe their fantasies -- WE GIVE THEM CREDIBILITY!!! Without our 'believing' their fantasies; they ain't getting any credibility from us!

So, you may have little or no large role in co-creating the mess, and may in fact have contributed to a balance to make the problem infintisemley smaller; I don't know; only you know, with honest analysis how your actions have, or have not contributed, and do contribute.

We have not been forced at gunpoint, against our collective will, to give up the principles of the Constitution. The spirit of our nation has not been stolen from us: we have ourselves willingly, and increasingly
eagerly, generation after generation, exchanged it for temporal material comforts, a sense of security, and the freedom not to be bothered with the difficulties and sacrifices of effective self-rule. We took the easy way out, and now we are living with and in the inevitably degenerate results. Throughout our history, we have been told exactly what was happening, in plainest English, but we have never yet cared enough to renounce our lazy materialism and fearful insecurity for the responsibilities of genuine freedom.

We hire to represent us the very embodiments of everything most of us say we don,t like personally in a human being. We elect those who are rigorously trained to hide everything they are and think, lest we see the real person. We hire those who speak in bone-wearying platitudes so as not to offend anyone with actual living thought. We hire those who have been the deftest in taking sticky money, festooned with invisible ties that bind, from the very beginning of their careers, in order to be elected at all. Then we are told to refer to this buying-and-selling of
cheap consciences as "free and fair elections". No oxymoron could be more moronic.



Hope you are getting whatever information you conisder useful for your families chance of survival.

My personal views are different to yours. My focus is to live each day as if it is my last; to live it to the maximum, which I have done for many years now; and so I really ain't too bothered if I get hit by a bus tomorrow; and I have lived simply, and never accumulated debt or credit cards, and so I been kinda living a type of low key 'survivalist' kind of life style.

Sometimes I am amazed how many people -- on one particular 'peak oil' blog it is really bad -- are obsessed with 'surviving', and yet, they ain't focussed on honest living today, on carpe diem, on siezing today..... so I conclude -- well thats okay for them; but WHAT IS THE POINT?

They are in a stage of anxiety, they are petrified of honest communication, they censor any honest people who join their blog and have info to share about living a daily life of simplicity, honesty and siezing the day.... and yet they want to survive longer --- WHY?

Anyway, guess perhaps I am just some wierd anomaly or something, or whatever...

Just appears to me to be a little oxymoronic. Walking corpses, who don't appear to really live life to the fullest daily, are worried about survival -- they're walking corpses for goodness sake! ;-)

YOu know what I'm trying to say! anway, enough of me ranting for now.

Best 29 Palms dessert starry wishes to ya, wherever you are..


i read survivalist blogs to improve my families chance of survival, hopefully not needing to answer attacks against my faith.