Thursday, March 5, 2009

American ADD

By and large we Americans are suffering from ADD. Attention Deficit Disorder. The Democrats are trying to draw our attention away from the economy to worry about Rush Limbaugh. Here is a news flash for the Democrats, over to Cindy, our political corespondent in Natog's Sekret Bunker:
"Hi everyone this is Cindy! Tee-Hee! Here in Natog's Sekret Bunker the air is tense with anticipation with the latest attempt to distract the prepper community. The democrats are using a row with Rudh Limbaugh to draw attention away from the ongoing use of the economy to socialize the United States. Natog is reading the web now, let's check in!"

"It looks like bad news, Natog didn't even open the article."

"Natog, a moment of your time, sir!"


"Ah, Yes, I want to get your reaction on the Obama vs. Rush debate, if I may?"

"Hmmm Let me see Cindy. I don't give a FUCK."

"Um, ok. I hope they caught that back in the van, back to you in the studio. This is Cindy reporting live from Natog's Sekret Bunker."
Let's see what's more important? 600,000 more jobs gone, or a pile of nitwits trying to fuck each other? That's right another 600k jobs gone! Jumping Jesus on a pogo stick! Rush could be caught in Provincetown with a dick in the mouth and a hamster up his ass and I couldn't give a shit after eating a box of bran muffins.

Citigroup's shares drop below a $1 a share. They should be delisted from the NYSE, but they changed the rules a while ago so they can stay on there. Like we expect banker to follow the rules. They can't. Not even their own rules.

No wonder the market's down 250ish points. Cracks me up. I wonder how many zombies are waking up? I mean they can't keep everyone distracted with pigs, dumbasses and ugly pussy, can they?

Back to my point. Americans have the attention span of a cat with a laser pointer in the room. Americans have no sense of time. Everything is in the now. Our craptastic school systems ensure our children have little to no sense of history. Without this sense of history, the past is just the ether of past fads and B rated stars of movies. Paris Hilton has ceased to exist. That pedophile piece of shit, Michael Jackson, is the future. Sad isn't it?

If I met Rush I'd tie him up and shit on his chest like Buddy Cianci did to the guy screwing his wife. I'm not mad enough to torture him for three days first, but nothing shows your displeasure like a Cleveland Steamer. Good thing I don't live in New York because I would have dropped my laundry and shit on wall street a long, long time ago.

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MeadowLark said...

Sigh.... bread and circuses.