Monday, July 28, 2008


So last night I'm dead asleep and one of my dogs decides to go spastic. I'm going to be on-call this week, which means little if any sleep for the week. So I'm yelling at him to STFU, so I could return to oblivion.

He woke me up twice. My other dog was just as PO'd as I was his slumber was interrupted. In the morning as I'm getting into my Jeep, I noticed a cigarette butt on the ground. I don't smoke, and since we got a hell of a lot of rain the last few days that was a fresh butt.

So last night I had a Prowler poking around the house. My (attentive) dog let me know, but I was too lazy (along with my other dog) to get up and investigate. If I had an ounce of sense in my head, I would have thrown on some clothes and investigated with my Sig and Maglite.

Alas, I failed. You can bet your last can of beans that from now on I'll be investigating everything at Natog's Ranch.


Mayberry said...

Mind that dog! Most of 'em don't go ape for nuthin'. My dog would lick a burglar to death, but she'd make a hell of a racket before he got in!

doctorzero said...

That's awesome! I believe dogs (4 WD fury companions) are the BEST partners in hunkered down defensive positions. I have GSP's (German Shortair Pointers) and they alert to people and animals two blocks away. They alert, and by the time I get my ass off the couch I am always, 100% of the time, treated to a white tail, bear, racoon or skunk in the yard. 100% More importantly, they have amazing descrimanatory abilities. For example: My guys have only growled at maybe a half dozen humans in their life. Two times it was armed robbers walking past our place who had hit the check cashing place a couple blocks over. And the other guy is a neighbor who I would shoot myself if I could get a tag! You can't PAY for that kind of descrimination. Well worth the 40lb bag of dog food each month!

Together We Stand said...

Don't beat yourself up to bad. It could happen to any of us. Just use the experience as a learned lesson and listen to the alarm system in the future.