Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Civil Disturbance kit

I'm still working out what my BOB should contain, but I have decided on a modular design. This way when I need to bug out, I can take or leave what modules I need. So I present to you the first complete module of my Bug Out Bag.

(No that's not a Bra on the top of the photo...)
The kit is stuffed into a small bag, closed off with a purple ribbon. It weighs about half a pound, but these items will save your hide if your caught in a civil disturbance. The module contains:
Two filter masks
swimming goggles
a pair of nitrile gloves
hearing protection
a black bandanna
two small containers of vinegar
a camouflage headcovering

Seems like an odd assortment of gear. I live in a very populated area, and if my 30,000 neighbors start to riot, I need to get through to my home with a minimum of fuss. If CS gas is used, which it almost certainly will, these items are of immediate survival value.

Swimming goggles are airtight, allowing you to see without getting CS gas in your eyes. To breathe, you take a dustmask and soak it in white vinegar. Vinegar neutralizes the active component of CS gas. Hearing protection is handy to have as there will be gunfire, maybe even flash-bang grenades. The nitrile gloves are to help protect your hands, so you do not later contaminate your eyes or other sensitive spots with the CS residue. The black bandanna, and camo headcovering are to provide some anonymity as you skirt the riot to get home.

When you get to where your going, be sure to cut your clothes off if CS gas was used, then hose yourself off real well. Use the other bottle of vinegar to clean anything you want to keep.

This is not complete kit, as there are a few items missing. A good pair of wirecutters, and a good pair of leather gloves. These two items I have in my mini-bob.

Finally if I was out to cause civil disturbance, a riot is not the way to go. Add a few of those huge permanent markers and cans of spray paint to strike out with words. The most powerful items are not transportable, and those would be a laptop and a laser printer to carry on with a free press.


riverwalker said...

Great tip about soaking the mask in vinegar! Going to remember that one! Great post natog!


Marine 83 said...

Cut your clothes off? Why? Strip naked outside the door and head to the shower. Place your clothes in a plastic bag if you must and bring them into the shower with you to rinse clean. CS isn't that scary. Ask anyone who has been through boot camp. Just my 2 cents.

Marine 83 said...

P.S. Other than that the kit is an excelent idea.

PKS said...

You might wanna be prepared for the event of pepper spray as well, it's pretty popular these days.

Protesters at the G8 summit I talked to said the best strategy is goggles of some sort. And it's not a bad idea to have some sort of squeeze-bottle with water to rinse your eyes out as well...

Natog said...

The reason you cut your closes off is so you don't get CS residue anywhere you don't want to. Evidently it's real easy to get it in your eyes from taking off your T-shirt.

Natog said...

Yeah i tested out the swimming goggles, and wearing the kit I could take a blast to the face and laugh at the JBT... although escape is the better plan.

I don't think that there is anything that will neutralize pepper spray, but I'll have plenty of clean water around due to my preps!