Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Enemy #1 - Gangs

Today I’d like to address a growing concern of mine. In America, gangs are growing at a phenomenal rate. Gangs that started in LA, or Chicago are now major players in Massachusetts. If you don’t think there are gangs in your neighborhood, well think again. In a disaster situation, whether it’s short or long term, knowing what you have in the area could save the life of you and your family. Here is a site that has a general overview of gangs - how they started, and what their behaviors are.

In my area we have a significant number of MS-13, widely believed to be the most ruthless and bloodthirsty bunch of bastards out there. They recruit as young as 8. Yes, we have eight year olds out there with firearms. Could you shoot an eight-year-old? Could you shoot this boy?

I cannot say I could, I’ll have to find out the hard way if the situation ever presents itself. I’m thinking that in a lawless environment it would be smart to take the fight to them. I am flat-out endorsing the assassination of higher-level gang leadership in a TEOTWAWKI situation. In the long run the world would be a better place. Either someone else rises up to become the leader, or the group disintegrates into chaos and infighting. Either way, there is a period of turmoil you can use to your advantage.

Here is an excellent resource for figuring out what gangs are in your area, their colors, graffiti, etc. It’s very comprehensive, and kept up to date. I think everyone should bookmark it and refer to it after scouting missions.

I’m not done reading it but here is a book written by a sociologist who has studied gangs for ten-plus years. He has interviewed law enforcement, gang members, parents, etc. It’s quite the body of work, and has interesting first-hand data from the front lines of major cities and their fight with gangs.

Neither site has much in the way on biker gangs. Once I get some good info I’ll do my best to pass it along. In my area I would say that biker gangs would be the second most likely organized enemy I would have to face.

Gangs are adapting to law enforcement’s increased pressure by adapting their look. Many of the newer members are forbidden from getting facial or lower arm tattoos so they can blend in. They wear polo’s and jeans, but they are still gang members – selling drugs, running prostitution, and are always well-armed.

Another disturbing trend is many gang members are going into the military, and then coming out of the service with urban combat training. These are the ones that fear me the most. Thankfully it’s a west-coast trend, how soon it gets out here I am not sure.

I will be driving around my area this weekend, during the day, and at night to see what I can find. I’ll snap pictures of any graffiti for later reference. Don’t forget to mark on a map where you saw it! This scouting mission could be invaluable information down the line if the poop does hit the fan. I recommend you scout around, just be VERY careful. Don’t look like a cop, and don’t look like easy prey either! Be careful.

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riverwalker said...

I work at a correctional facility.
Be extremely careful around gang members and their family.