Thursday, July 3, 2008

Oh happy day!

Monday I got a call from the local Police, saying my Class A LTC is ready to be picked up. This week at work has been real busy, so I was politely told not to "get sick" this week. But today odds are we will be let out early, and if the traffic gods are good to me I should be in town early enough to pick it up.

I have Monday off just in case I can't make it before the 4pm deadline. And Yes I can only pick it up between 8am-4pm Monday to Friday.

Now I did hear them say "Class A" but I'm not sure if there are any restrictions on it or not. I hope not. If I'm lucky enough to beat the traffic, I'll be swinging by the gun shop tonight to start. First on the list is a nice 12ga pump, preferably a Remington 870. I also will put $ down on a .45 Glock. The glock might take 4 months to get, so I need to start pronto.

I'll be swinging by the local gun range Sunday to join up. I'm stoked!

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riverwalker said...

As usual, leave it to the government to slow things to a stop.