Friday, July 18, 2008


Well over at Suburbanprepper he had a good idea for an intruder detection system, by using the little snaps that kids toss on the sidewalk. A great idea, except as everything seems to be it's illegal in Mass, I need to come up with something else. Yes, snaps are illegal here. But if your gay you can marry... go figure.

So to 1-up my fellow blogger I present to you two ideas for us nanny-state prisoners. Those would be bubble wrap and beer cans.

I'm a pack rat so I have spare bubble wrap for the gazillion things I buy online. Take enough to cover the area you want to protect, spray paint it a flat black, and tape it down under the window you want to alarm. Put it in hallways and across thresholds. Please resist popping the bubble wrap yourself, and if you have young kids, this won't work at all. :)

As for the beer cans, take an empty beer or soda can and wash it out real well. Then put some pebbles in it, like 5-6. Tie on some mono fishing line and string it about waist high (so the dogs can run under it) tie the other end to something sturdy, and place the can on convenient surface to fall from. this is what a friends dad put in the concertina wire in Vietnam to alert the sentries of VC sneaking through.

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Mayberry said...

Good idea. Needs a hard surface tho. I'd sure like to hear the bastards BEFORE they get into my place! "I learned a thing or two from Charlie don'tcha know, ya better stay away from Copperhead Road....."