Monday, July 7, 2008

Good news and bad news

Sorry for slacking off on posts, I've been a bit busy with work and errands. :(

Well I was supposed to go on Thursday to pick up my LTC, but work, as usual decided to piss on my parade. Good thing I'm a pessimist and scheduled Monday off. So this fine morning I stopped by the police station and picked it up. With shaking hands I opened the envelope and saw my LTC with my ugly mug, and the best part: Restrictions: None!

I figured I'd have restrictions, so this is just PISSAH, as we say here in the northeast. First stop was the tiny local bank I use for my gambling fund, and withdrew it all. Don't get your hopes up, I'm not that big a gambler.

Swung by the gun shop and picked up a Remington 870 Express in black. No used Mossberg 500's or Remington's anywhere so I had to buy new. Not as much $ as I thought, even scored a couple boxes of slugs, a cleaning snake, and a conventional cleaning kit.

While there I also was looking for a .22LR to putz around with. I need to practice, badly. With the outrageous prices of ammunition .22 is the way to go. All they had was the ruger 10/22. It's nice, but I rather not drop $300 on a .22LR no mater "how tactical I can make it look" Seriously, just because I'm buying a black 12ga because the plastic wood handles looks like crap, and I want the additional capacity, doesn't mean I'm going to go tactical on a .22 LR.

I got a bad jolt of news though, looks like I'll only be able to get a Glock .45 if I'm in law enforcement. I asked about pre-ban Glocks, but they don't think I can get one... AAAARRRGGGHHH I can get a .40 though. I have to decide after doing more research. I am very disappointed that my dream pistol is not on some stupid list of firearms that can be sold in the DA's office.

So I burnt the gas to go down to Bass Pro shops. Found out the $120 hearing protectors I was going to get have a equally good pair for $20, but they were out of stock. I did buy a Marlin 60. Perfect plinking .22LR for me to practice shooting form on. Picked up 400 rounds of ammo and a cleaning kit. I also saw a deal they had for a 3x9 40mm scope and binoculars for $50 and I couldn't resist. I also grabbed a cheap two rifle carrying case.

More bad news, it seems like we cannot buy ammunition and have it shipped to us here in Mass. I am really starting to get perturbed with this state. One of these days I'll be able to move. I cannot believe for a second how much ammo costs. Now I'm dependent on the local gun shop for ammo, and they don't even stock .308 ball ammo. Dammit!

All in all it was a good day. I caught up on the blogs, seems like we all took a break at the same time. I also packed away another weeks worth of food. From a survival forum I learned not to forget spices! So I put away another couple pounds of salt, and they had whole peppercorns in little grinder-containers for $2. I bought 2 and stashed them away. I like to use something called "Nature's Seasoning" by Morton but it is impossible to find. The only place I find it is in a little market near my Mum's house. It's great to sprinkle on steaks before grilling, or mix it in hamburger with worcestershire sauce for the best burgers you ever had. I'll buy a few next time I'm at my Mum's and toss one into the BOB, and the rest into storage.

So it was a good day, all in all. I have my work cut out for me, I need to figure out what battle rifle to get, and what pistol to buy. I also need to look at the ammunition situation here, maybe I can trade brass to a reloader to get target rounds for my pistol and rifle.

I hope everyone had a safe and festive Fourth of July.


riverwalker said...

Glad to hear you finally got the LTC. Good looking guns. Keep preppin'.


tmo said...

check out for spices.

if you order over a hundred bucks htey ship for free and they have lots of great stuff. couscous, spices, snacks, dried fruit, all kinds of stuff.

they have a great mrs dash substitute (salt free seasoning)