Thursday, February 26, 2009


Well the AG of the US wants to re-enact the assault weapons ban. This is the same chucklehead who called me and you cowards for how we deal with race. Huh. I never met him how the fuck does he know how I deal with race.

Even though he's making noise, I doubt it's going to happen. He's just trying to draw attention from his earlier ignorant and dumbass remarks. Even Frau Pelosi dosen't want to tackle that issue anytime soon.

So I'm not worried about that just yet. I am worried about what's going on in Mexico. I'm more worried that North Korea or Iran will do something dumb. I'm even more worried about the economy completely collapsing. Plenty of trouble on the horizon.

So I keep prepping. Tomorrow I start my onions! My cabbage seedling is doing well, his brother didn't sprout, so I'll plant one head for spring. Two more weeks and I'll start the peppers. This weekend I got a lot of work to catch up on. Being on call really got in the way of prepping, but I did manage to go to BJ's and stock up. I'm starting to buy items I don't like to eat, but are a real good deal. Tuna is a prime example. I detest the stuff but my mother and brother love it. Vienna sausages were grabbed as well, as a trade item or to add to baked beans. I picked up two more cases of beans in fact along with an assortment of other supplies.

One thing I really need is pickling salt. Can't find it in bulk. I'm going to have to hit the earthy-crunchy stores for it I fear.

Well that's enough for tonight. If you don't have a "assault weapon" don't sweat it just yet. Get your food squared away with a decent shotgun and handgun. Once you got the food all set then worry about the assault rifles and such. Food first though!


Bitmap said...

Add a decent rifle to the handgun and shotgun. Then hope your enemies only have shotguns.

It doesn't have to be high tech. A Marlin 336 or Mosin-Nagant will be fine.

Don't just store food. Learn how to grow food. Garden, chickens, rabbits, bees, orchard (a little late to start for the short term, but there will always be a next time), goats, etc. Whatever you can think of.

theotherryan said...

I wrote on this awhile back. A decent pistol and a shotgun with needed ammo and accessories is a good stopping place to save for awhile and put a few bucks towards other stuff for a little while before getting a rifle and a .22.