Saturday, February 14, 2009

I've been letting the news about the recent stimulus bill wash over me the last few days. I'm trying desperately to remain optimistic about the whole thing, but the crushing reality of just how bad a blanket party the politicians threw us. Make no bones about it, the stimulus package is about as economically stimulating as a fart in hurricane. There's so little in there to actually do anything that it's absurd to call it a stimulus package. It's a fucking spending package.

Hey everyone if we buy up all the bridges around the world, then we will get as much affect on our economy as this "stimulus" package. Berneke is intent on inflating us out of a depression, tilting at windmills, er, spending billion upon billions of $ on pork is just the ticket to do it. I fail to see why a market correction needs to be avoided at all costs? It's a natural process in a healthy, mature, free market.

But our betters insist we can't let the boogymen of depression take hold. Let me be the the voice of reason here.

Hey Chuckleheads! We are in a depression already!

Now that our betters have been properly informed of our current economic situation, you can be sure they are on the ball. Yeah, right! I could go down to D.C. and tattoo it on their foreheads backwards and they still won't get it.
I think Amy Winehouse should be the mascot for the American economy. It's a train wreck you just can't take your eyes off of. Like Amy, our economy had so much potential, and just pissed it all away. If you have never heard her sing, your missing something. I'm not a big fan of her style, but the quality of her voice cannot be disputed. Granted, now she sounds like shit after smoking a couple a packs a day for the last few years.

So what's next for the Amy Winehouse economy? My bet is they sell themselves out to someone for a rock of crack, take half a dozen reds with a bottle of wine in a "cry for help", shit themselves in public, and puke on the paramedics that come to help her, I mean us. Wonder what Vegas will give me for odds?

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