Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Law Enforcement Cutbacks

I was talking with a friend, and it seems due to the budget crunch, a lot of towns are reducing their police force, or removing it altogether. These towns are out in the boonies of Massachusetts, but other towns across the country are going through the same issues.

Looks like fire and Police are the first to get cut in these towns, they are planning on relying on the State Police to police these towns. But the State Police is consolidating several barracks to reduce their budget. No police are being laid off, thankfully, but they will be working from a barracks quite far from their patrol area. So every arrest, coffee run etc. takes a lot longer. Granted closing the barracks is cheaper, but your backup could be a 25 minute ride away! That's with lights and sirens too.

This is not good at all for those smaller communities out west. I hope the eastern communities have the common sense not to cut their police and fire personnel, but I wouldn't bet on it. I'll try to pull more detailed information and post it up on the Mass section of the Preppers network.


Nomad said...

Wait a minute. I thought the last thing to be cut was public safety??? Every economist worth their weight in salt is predicting civil unrest due to this economic collapse and we are cutting police jobs. WTF????

Shy Wolf said...

Quite a few smaller communities up here have abandoned their PDs and gone to County Mounty control. It's becoming a regular trend, I think. There've been rumors of cutting back on local firemen as well- going to an "all volunteer except chief" concept. Hue and cry about that was loud but not very clear since replacement firemen hasn't been happening.
As to getting a County Mounty to my residence in an emergency, I'm looking at half an hour minimum if they aren't having coffee.

western mass. man said...

Here in my city, in the local mullet wrap this morning, they are trimming the budget. So far the tally stands at cutting $548,000 from the $125.9 million dollar budget.
$150,000 from schools
$109,000 from public works
$100,000 maintenance
$55,000 from library
$30,000 from fire dept.
$20,000 from police dept.
I guess it's good that the fire and police weren't at the top of the list.
It just burns my ass that every once in awhile one of my kids teachers sends home a paper asking for tissue or hand sanitizer to be sent in, which I always help. Now they wanna cut more.