Monday, February 23, 2009

Strange things are afoot at the Circle K

Well gold is going through the roof, I am surprised it hasn't poked it's head through$1000 and oz. The DJIA is looking like it's going to fall below 7k. But the dollar index is over 87, which makes no sense.

I'm going Code:Green when the DJIA drops below 7000. Every 1k mark is a mental trigger for traders. I have a gut feeling that if we go below 7k for any length of time, then the sell orders will kick in and the market will drop like a rock. I wouldn't be surprised if trading has to have a 1hour "time out" to halt trading.

I've been real busy IRL with my on-call rotation for work, so I haven't had time or mental energy for posting good stuff this week. I'll kick it up into high gear this week, I promise. I did get to work on the next chapter of fiction, but I need to polish it up some more.

I'll post again tonight, got a good idea for a post.

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