Thursday, February 19, 2009

If I am so SMAHT...

I was having a conversation with a fellow awakened individual at work today about the economy and such when a woman jumped in and said "If you're so SMAHT how would you fix it!"

Needless to say this Obammy lovin' tree huggin' fruitloop mindless chucklehead got an earful.

I wish I recorded it, but then I wouldn't have a post. I'm going to have to paraphrase a bit, but you'll get the gist of it.

"First off we need to refund all taxes paid for the last six months of 2008. "

"You neo-cons are all alike only want to help the rich! "(Note: anyone who doesn't worship Obammy is a neo-conservative in this person's opinion.)

"Well the rich buy stuff like TV's and cars, that fuels the economy. Giving tax beaks to the poor is as smart as paying money to the rich bankers, which Obammy just did."

"He did no such thing!"

"Bullshit, did you even look at the stimulus bill?"

"Well no, but..."

"But nothing! If your ignorant butt is going to call me a neo-con you better bring more to the table than an empty head and a Obammy bumper sticker."

"I'm not ignorant!"

"Sure you are, don't you know the difference between a Libertarian and a Republican?"

"What's a Libertarian?"

While I was blowing a gasket, my buddy jumped in.

"Well Mrs. X, do you like personal freedom?"


"Do you want to reduce taxes?"

"For who?"


"Yeah, sure."

"Do you feel everyone should have the same opportunities in America?"


"Do you hate to see government waste?"

"Oh yeah!"

"Well when you wake up you will be a Libertarian."

"Really? What's the bad things about Libertarians?"

"No handouts."

"What's that mean?"

"No social security, no medicare or medicaid. But your taxes would be about 1/3 what they are now. But you have to be personally responsible for your own fate."

"Well I should get Social Security!"

"Doesn't matter if you want it or not, by 2015 the US is bankrupt. No matter what."

"What happens then?"

"Discretionary spending takes 100% of the budget, so no military, road repair, etc. and the US of A collapses."


"Oh yeah, and Libertarians don't like big government, so no $10 million studies of some wacko bird in Alaska on the government dime."


So Mrs. X wandered off looking like she swallowed that wacko bird from Alaska. Me and my buddy had to step in the stairwell to howl with laughter. We were laughing how we didn't even get to Jeffersonian rights or gun control. I know we don't have 100% of the Libertarian party line right, but hey... no one is perfect.

Maybe Mrs. X will wake up. I hope so. All it takes is logic, and a passion for what's best for everyone. These days anyone who's telling me I can't do something that's not breaking the law of common sense can take a dump while doing a handstand.


Mayberry said...

I love it! Heh heh, we messed with an Obamaniac at work, also a dyed in the wool treehugger. Joked about clubbing baby seals, and nuking the gay baby whales and such. It was great fun. She's moved off to Seattle to be amongst the lefty loons..... Couldn't take us Texans....

Bitmap said...

Be careful you don't get in trouble for "creating a hostile work environment" or some other nonsense like that.

3rdman said...
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3rdman said...

I guess you forgot to tell her that Libertarian like to get stoned also and believe that there should be no drug laws. Then again your trying to act like you have some credibility. The drug laws only the only major differences between a Libertarian and "Conservitive" Republican beliefs. We can argue all day as to if the drug laws are constitutional or not at the Federal level, but every State in this country has drug laws on the books, which by the way is allowed under the 10th.

Natog said...

Not all libertarians want to smoke pot all day. I'm more like a practical libertarian than anything else.

I'm not sure what to do with drugs. I don't use them so I really do not have much first hand experience with the "good" side of them.

I have, however, met many people with HIV, Hep, unwanted pregnancy date rape, forced prostitution to get high, etc. A friend's brother wound up selling himself on the street to get more drugs, caught AIDS, then killed himself by OD.

Not a nice life just to be high in my opinion. YMMV, so most of the time I stay out of the way.

3rdman said...
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3rdman said...


If more Libertarian took your view, I think you could attract alot more Conservitives including LE types to the movement, because for alot the drug thing is a deal breaker.