Monday, February 23, 2009

Irish Car Bomb

If imbibe, please join me for a drink! First you need some Guinness, a Cream Liquor, and some Jameson's.
Pour half a can of Guinness in a glass. Then pour 1/2 a shot of Jameson's. Now for the tricky part, gently pour a 1/2 shot of the Cream Liquor into the shot glass. If your good, then they won't mix.
Hold the Guinness about chin height, drop the shot glass in and suck it down. This ain't no sipping drink, you chug it down. Bonus points for dribbling some on your shirt. My GAWD does it taste good. I think it tastes like a mocha milkshake, others think it tastes like an Oreo shake.
Oh boy that was good. Time for another... BRB.


Yummy! Good thing I'm not driving anywhere, I'm half in the bag. I'm getting SHATTERED tonight. It is verboten to drink when on call, so I got to make up for it once I'm off duty, right?

The Irish Car Bomb is an exquisite drink, but they will fuck you up. Seriously. The alcohol slams into your brain like a crack addict with ADD on meth. If your about 200lbs then 1 of these every 15 minutes and your wrecked.

Most bars won't sell you them, matter of fact I was escorted out of Fiddler's Green in Providence for ordering one. I had to run from the cops after pissing all over the bar's front window. Funny as hell. So lock up the guns, give the wife/GF/BF etc the keys and have a few at home. Next time I'll do JagerBombs... those are yummy too. Or Dark and Stormys, my brothers favorite.

Oh yeah Jagerbombs are a shot of Jagermiester dropped into Red Bull. And Dark and stormy's are a shot of dark rum mixed in a Ginger Beer. The D&S are a sippin' drink. Very nice. Jagerbombs are to keep going for a longer night of drinkin'.

I think I better cook dinner now, or I'll be too shitfaced to eat tonight.


Mayberry said...

Well, at least I wasn't the only one to get bombed yesterday!

Mayberry said...

Whoops, I see yer gettin' bombed today.... Happy drinkin'. Yer gonna feel that tomorrow....

irishdutchuncle said...

then there's always the shandygaff: beer in ginger-ale.

FarmerGeek said...

LOL, you do realize that they won't sell it to you, not because of the alcohol content or the effects, but because it's offensive? Danged good drink, but offensive as all get out. Trust the Scot married to the Irish.

And irishdutchuncle... I don't know about a shandygaff, but I have to put my .02 in about shandies. Who thought to put beer in lemonaide?! Seriously!

Alcohol... yum!