Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I am a amateur historian of World War II. I am well read on how the Nazi's rose to power and the horrific acts they committed. I have read of the Eizengruppen and how they followed the three army groups across the Ukraine.

I also know millions and millions of Slavs and Chinese died to the Axis powers. Most people get hung up on the Jews, but It's figured that 17 million Slavic's died to the SS. No one can come up with the number of Chinese killed, but it's at least 20 million.

Now the Pope has ex-excommunicated a Bishop who says the gas chambers never happened. Are you kidding me? I have personally spoken to soldiers that were THERE. Why is this nut job being re-instated as a priest of God?

The Jews are understandably pissed off. I personally think they, as a race, have been milking it long enough. Should I be getting sympathy for my Celtic ancestors being put to the sword by St. Patrick? Or for my Native American ancestors being the target of systematic genocide, forced relocation, etc? I didn't think so.

So now people are calling for his resignation. Isn't the Pope supposed to be God's main man on earth and is infallible? Was Pius XII infallible when he knew Priests were helping the Nazi's catch Jews, Gypsies, Homosexuals, etc?

Well I guess he isn't infallible. No MAN is infallible. This is the kind of nonsense that happens when we trust men in positions of absolute power. No matter how good the intention, eventually the system collapses because what one persons definition of "good" doesn't jive with everyone else's. I personally hate the organization knows as the Catholic church. Not the practitioners themselves at all, or I would have used a capital C on church. The hierarchical structure has historically been the source for a lot of evil in this world. From St. Patrick razing village after village saying "Kill them all for God shall know his own." To the active participation of priests and bishops in the Night of the Long Knives. I don't feel the Papacy gives a rats ass about 90% of the world, they just continue to crave the power they had in the Dark Ages.

Now we have priests of all denominations taking money from FEMA to help smooth the transition to martial law. I feel the God(s)(ess)(es) would deal rather harshly with those who literally shepherd their flock in support of a totalitarian regime. I know I will here on Earth. Be careful of all your leaders, not just the secular ones. Just because they have a Bible, or the Koran in their hands don't make them any better than anyone else.


irishdutchuncle said...

you believe that commie propoganda about pius XII? (the "deputy myth")

john-paul II, went to the wall, literally, to offer apologies to the jewish people. he begged for their forgiveness and was rejected.

the papacy was instituted by christ, as was the catholic priesthood. we don't claim that the pope is "infallible" in everything, just in his teachings on christian faith and morals.

the "jews" attempted to exteriminate the early christian faith, and have always been hostile to roman-catholics. why should it be a surprise then that some catholics throughout the ages have returned that hostility?

right in the preface to my high school history book it said that the U.S. is a protestant country. aren't those are the people who march around in occupied ulster wearing bowler hats, beating drums; rubbing their catholic neighbors noses in their defeat at the boyne hundreds of years ago. and aren't they the people who would feed you during the potato genocide, if only you would renounce your catholic faith? (so much for being magnanamous in victory, or turning the other cheek)

the settlers at plymouth were not catholics. they were repressed in england, by the church of england. they were hostile to the church of england for being too much like catholics. the catholics on the other hand sent missionaries, to save indian souls, not settlers to take indian lands.

irishdutchuncle said...

...and another thing, st. patrick didn't say or do what you accused him of. your celtic ancestors took him in a raid, and enslaved him. when he returned to ireland as a priest, the only blood he spilled was a wound he accidently inflicted on the foot of a celtic chieftan with his croiser.

Sena said...

irishducthuncle -- need to get your history straight. First of all the papacy was not instituted by the christ, it is simply a position viewed as the successor of St. Peter that claims its hierarchal power on how the christ felt about Peter specifically. Its authority over other congregations and doctrine of infalliblity developed much later in the history of that place and position.

The 'jews' did not persecute the early church, the Romans did. The closest they get to is that *some* historical jewish individuals, wishing to retain their secular power, helped along and sold out other jews, (yes, including the christ, he was jewish) to the Romans. They did this because from their view the rabbi Yeshua (the christ) and his teachings was stirred up the populus against both theirs and Roman authority.

Further the *catholic* priesthood was not organized by the christ, but much later after the crucifiction, as one particular group of decendent successors of the original disciples, amongst many, that later became sanctioned by Rome after the conversion of Constantine and the Council of Nicea.

Further, its also not that accurate to say that the US was founded by hostile protestants of the Ulster-type. Oh, the New England Colony was, that's true. But the vast majority of those who hand influence in the formation of the United States (Ben Franklin, etc..) were actually Quakers/Religious Society of Friends, which has a completely different history in their break from Catholic doctrine. One of the primary foci of that break, the rejection of divinely invested hierarchy (like the papacy), is exactly why they sought a non-monarchist government for the newly independent colonies and why you enjoy democratic freedom today.

Okay, I'm getting off my history soap-box now.

irishdutchuncle said...

i did not say organized, i said instituted. the apostles were the first priests of the catholic church, from the night of the last supper, and simon bar-jonah whom Christ renamed: Peter, was placed in their lead by Christ himself, and was promised that his church would continue, until the end. the apostles were instructed by christ to offer bread and wine in his memory, and it would become his body and blood. this is the holy sacrifice of the mass, as catholics understand it. subsequently on pentecost they recieved additional revelations and abilities.

the "Jews" included one Saul of Tarses, who was an accomplice to the murder of st. stephen, the first christian martyr. Saul later was renamed: Paul, when Christ gave him an attitude adjustment.

you are mostly correct about the quakers. (i'm from PA) they also were repressed by the church of england by that time, since by law, no monarch of the brits can be a catholic.