Friday, February 6, 2009


Fuck you, Mr. President.

I am through with your use of fear as a means of political motivation
. Bush used it to ram through the first bailout, TARP, and now you resort to the same base means of motivating the citizenry. So much for your lies of change. It's just more of the same.

Mr. President, you are a man of low character. You have lied and swindled your way to the top of the pig pile and now you resort to the use of base emotions. Like some misguided preacher who used the motivation of hell to scare his congregation instead of the glory of heaven.
This just in! Eastasia has bombed Airstrip 1 again! Millions of casualties reported. Arms manufacturing factories will remain open an additional 4 hours with no pay tonight to help support the war effort. For Oceania! For Victory!
Go ahead and focus on the negative. Use this pork bailout to further your party's political spending. When the economy collapses you can use the slightest hesitation from congress to say "See! You didn't pass it fast enough!" This will not save you in the end.

The Media makes a big deal out of a presidents first 100 days. I personally think it's a load of shit, but for the sake of argument, let's see what you have accomplished.
  • Used fear as a political motivator
  • Closed Guantanamo Bay
  • Used inane and pointless gestures to show you are on top of things.
You have blown almost 20% of your precious 100 days and you haven't even filled your cabinet positions yet! A word of advice, next time try not to pick the obvious crooks. Bravo on "limiting executive salaries" Keeps the ignorant masses in check. Keeps them hopeful you're no different than any other politician. I know better. I see through you.

So have fun while it lasts, Mr. President. I will be watching and waiting for the opportunity to take my country back from the lawyers, the politician, the bankers, and the special interest groups. If I can do it peacefully, without bloodshed, I will. Don't take my hesitation to kill fellow Americans as weakness. If push comes to shove I will not stop. I will not rest. If I have to I will fight my way through brigades of troops to eliminate the political cancer in this country. I will restore the government of this great nation to what is outlined in the Constitution.

For the People, by the People.


Mayberry said...


western mass. man said...

Here! Here!
This is the change? WTF?
At least when Bush nominated his members, they waited to be crooked till after they got in office. (Is that possible)?
Obamanation hires them on the condition that they currently are crooked. Than an "OOps, I screwed up". Not once, not twice, but 4 times? If that was me in my job, I wouldn't have one anymore.

Chris said...

Well Said!

Shy Wolf said...

Obviously, selecting an honest cabinet is above his pay grade.

Jeff said...

Seems like you might want to give the guy longer than a few weeks before passing judgment. Talk about fear mongering? I really enjoy reading your blog and appreciate most of your insights, but 'fuck you Mr. President' seems a bit harsh at this stage. Just a thought... maybe he's telling the truth and we are all fucked if we don't pass this thing. Maybe not- but do you really know?

irishdutchuncle said...

natog, i think you've been working too hard. first there was that anti-catholic rant the other day, and now this. i agree with Jeff, it's a little harsh. (of course we're all screwed whether or not the "stimulus" bill gets to obamas desk) i agree with Shy, obama often defers to his superiors in higher pay grades.

i think you should get away for a few days and unwind. go camping or something. otherwise the thought police may invite you over for a visit to one of their camps.

3rdman said...

Greg Craig is the man behind Obama if anyone has not noticed yet. Will have to check out that anti-catholic rant post since I'm one of those Catholics .

Patricia said...

Natog, "For the people, by the people" is not a phrase used in the constitution. It's from Lincoln's speech the famous one. Just FYI.

MeadowLark said...

Gee, both parties screw us and use fear (along with Bread & Circuses) as motivators? Hmmmmmm what is the common thread?

We really are hosed. :(