Tuesday, April 14, 2009

So Quiet.

Wow. It's so quiet out there these days. Is this a calm before a storm or the lull before the fighting renews itself. I'm not sure. It's a strange coincidence that most of the blogs have slowed down in their posting. I have because work's cracking down on us here, and by the time I get home there is too much shit to be done to slack off and read and write blogs.

Well tomorrow I'll be driving back into Boston to attend the Tea Party. I'll have my civil disturbance BOB with me, you can be sure of that. I recently added a Guy Fawkes mask to it so I might be able to fit in better. I'll keep it in my bag unless It get a little hairy or there is videotaping going on. I'll have some sort of sign too, just need to come up with a good slogan.

I'm looking forward to April 25th, and the prepper meeting. I need to come up with some good info to hand out. Just a little package of information that will be useful. Maybe burn CD's of some of the stuff I gathered. Hopefully my brother can come. He'd fit in with his tin foil hat.

I'm to the point that it's time for me to do an inventory of my food stores. I need to sit down and figure out what I got and what I need to focus on next. The bulk of my next food purchases will be grains and other dried bulk items. Hard red winter wheat should start to be available about the end of May, so I should order more mylar bags and O2 absorbers now. And I'm running low on foodsaver bags, so I'll add them to the list. And I need a grain grinder, and a backup.

So much to do, so little time.

I've decided on another Jeep. I found a '04 Grand Cherokee Laredo with 66k miles for $7k. NADA guide says it should be $9800. I'm buying it from a repo guy, but I thoroughly checked it out anyways. Mechanically it's just about perfect. It has the small oil leak that is very common on the back passenger side corner of the valve cover. Other than that there are a few cosmetic things that they dealer will take care of. Removing the half-assed tint job, someone keyed the side, and the previous owner had a home-installed suped up radio - all the wires will be pulled and disconnected.

I think I found a good deal. I would have liked a '99 or '01 Cherokee, to fix up, but I really need the reliability of a newer car right now. I used to have a trailer hitch, so that is upgrade #1. I need to get that done ASAP. Next up is a 2" lift, and new rims and tires. Then a roof rack. Odds are I can make it out of conduit and weld it together myself. Yes, I know it's galvanized and it makes a poisonous gas when welded.

Then would be bumper upgrades ans rock rails. I found a site that has them for ~$400 for the rails. Bumpers are expensive, especially if you want to mount a tire like I want to. But that's down the road. Way, down the road.

I'll end this post with a bit of a rant. It looks to me that the Republican Party is trying to grasp the reigns of the grassroots Tea Parties and other spontaneous anti-stupidity rallies. Let me be 100% clear Republicans and Democrats are the same. All they want is power, and they don't give a rat's ass about you, me or any of the other "little people." Don't let them do that. don't let the nitwits of ANY political party hijack this demonstration of the people.

It's time for the rise of a third, and even a fourth and fifth political party to end the reign of the Democrats and Republicans. Under their watch, the country has declined in both quality of it's economy, the quality of life, and the social quality. (With the notable exceptions of desegregation and suffrage)

Both political parties lie, cheat and steal when in power, and do the same to get back into power. It' time for the American people to wake the fuck up and toss these bums out.


Anonymous said...

WOW!! That's a really good deal on the Cherokee! Wish I could get that, myself. Keep us posted on the upgrades.

hilljack33 said...

Yep, this country needs a REAL third party because the current two party system is a disgrace to REAL Americans.

The blogs have indeed slowed down. I got tired of writing the same old stuff and dealing with trolls and other knuckleheads.

Spring has sprung and a lot of us are also too busy to blog. I figure those that are going to prep are already doing it.

You can only write so much before it starts sounding like BS......

Mayberry said...

Sounds good on the Cherokee Natog. Enjoy the tea party! My sign will read "Tax And Spend Has Got To End!!!!" Use it if you like, I'm sure I ain't the first to come up with that.....