Monday, April 20, 2009

Marathon Monday

Well I had to work today, braving the holiday traffic to get to and from work today. I drove solo, as "Al" is in FL going to the magic kingdom with his wife. Yeah I know in the story he's single...

Strangely, there was no traffic. In the past It's taken hours to fight through the mess of noobie nitwit drivers trying to make it in and out of the city. But today, there was nothing. Real weird.

So whilst at work I managed to slack off a bit and do some research into communications. Specifically HAM radio. That shit ain't cheap. Handy, but not cheap. I'm going to bump it down the list some. There are other supplies that would be better to get first. Plus I'd need to buy two of them one for myself and one for Mum.

This Saturday is the meeting for the survivalists and preppers in the NE area! Cannot wait. It's at 1PM at the Bugaboo Steakhouse 345 Cochituate Rd. Framingham MA. Be there or be square!

The other day I hit a major milestone, I went 25 straight on the skeet field. I'm pretty proud of that accomplishment. I'll be keeping my eyes open for a decent over and under now. I promised myself that if I did ever go 25 straight with my tactical Remington 870 Express that I would treat myself to a good over and under. I will be buying it used, unless there is someone out there who has a new O&U mis-priced or something. I saw a Remington 3200 for $1300 on, but it has no tubes. I've been invited to go bird hunting by a real nice fellow at the club, so I'd like to take him up on it. Most of what he hunts needs a 20 gauge or less, otherwise it'd be a puff of feathers!

Well the Bruins are on in 5 minutes so I'm off. I hate the Habs almost as much as the Yankees!

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western mass. man said...

I'm going to the gun shop this week so I will keep an eye out for ya.
Got to get my new S&W M&P .45 off layaway before the end of the month to take advantage of the 2 extra free mags with purchase.
I'm trying to make plans for this weekend, but I'm hitting some road blocks. I'm working on it though. Wifey likes to keep me in check sometimes. LOL