Thursday, April 16, 2009


I cannot fucking believe it. We have a major anti-government spending rally and the story is basically killed. God damn liberal media just doesn't get it. Boston has two newspapers, The Herald and The Globe. Both are so blind to what the tea parties represented, wait... ignorant? Following the liberal political agenda? Heads up their asses?

Does it really matter? They do not report the Truth, they report the bias.

The Herald had a very small link to this article. They have this picture as the lead so everyone sees a nitwit in a costume instead of facing the Truth. The Truth that our government is wildly out of control. That you cannot spend your way out of a problem. Just like all the money in the world cannot buy happiness, you cannot borrow your way out of debt. But these liberal cronies just blind themselves to the fact that thier policies will bring the destruction of the American Ideal that the founding fathers fought and died for. Go ahead you nitwit reporters, worry more about the inconsequentials, I'll be the guy on the Boston Common with a torch and pitchfork!

The Globe had nothing, I mean NOTHING about the tea parties. Maybe if they don't run a story then we will just go away. I had to do a search on their site to find anything, and I get this AP story about a protest in Kentucky. Oi! Dumbasses, there was a tea party right here in Boston jackasses!

Here is a letter I sent to the Globe:
There was a protest against government waste on the state house steps and your newspaper didn't even cover it. Searching your website the next day, I get a AP story from Kentucky.

This is unacceptable. This is the Boston Globe, right? Why not report what's the issues here in Boston first, then worry about the rest of the country second.

Our government spending is way out of control, and needs to be cut back. It's time all Americans to throw off the shackles of the two party system and think for themselves. There ain't no such thing as a free lunch, if we are to give millions money for nothing, then that money has to come from someone else. Right now that someone is me. HALF of my salary goes to support these programs. I am MAD as HELL and I'm not going to take it any more.
This is why you cannot trust the mainstream media. This is why you cannot trust your authorities. If I was alive in 1778 I would be questioning the policies of our founding fathers because I want to make sure they got it right. Questioning authority is an American tradition, one we need to exercise more often.


Bitmap said...

Expecting the media to not put their bias out for all to see is like, well, like expecting the media to not put their bias out for all to see.

Sort of like when they have a protest for some leftwing cause and 7 people show up. The pictures you see in the papers and online are usually taken from an angle that hides the true size of the crowds.

How often have you seen the aftermath of an "Earth Day" gathering shown in the LWM?

The big difference between CNN and Rush Limbaugh is that Rush doesn't pretend to be an unbiased source.

The LWM has been this way for over 30 years that I can remember, but until talk radio, the internet, and blogs came along there was not a good way to call them out on this. They can tell the truth and nothing but the truth (or just plain lie) and anyone that wants to can find enough facts to decide for themselves. That is why the unfairness doctrine gets support from the LWM.

Mayberry said...

Media pricks are all NWO minions. Piss on 'em. All they did with their inaccurate or non-existent "coverage" is to show the world their true agenda and prove that they are liars. Those who were there know the truth, and will blog about it, comment about it, and otherwise spread the real news. The Revolution has begun, the media will try (in vain) to squelch it, the government will demonize us (as they have already), and I'll laugh my ass off because all any of that does is prove that "they" are scared of us. Now we need to follow through, keep pounding on them, keep outing them for what they are, and maybe remind them of just why there's currently an ammo shortage.....

western mass. man said...

CNN and MSNBC thought it was a big joke. The "teabaggin" jokes were abundant over there.
I hope they fall flat on their faces even more now.