Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Garden update

Let's all have a moment of silence, please.

Yes, fellow gardeners, six lettuce plants and all 16 onion plants have gone to the great compost heap in the sky. Damn weird new england weather did them in with a real hard freeze a few weeks ago.

Because of this I kept my carrots inside an extra two weeks, I'll plant them and the second batch of lettuce this weekend. Better not freeze again or I'll have to have a sit-down with the global warming people.

My garlic is doing spectacular! I cannot wait for fresh home-grown garlic. Yummy! I have three tomato plants ready for transplant into containers. They are about 6" tall and growing well inside. My pepper plants are a little stunted, I'll be putting them out in a month or 6 weeks. I just checked and the tomatoes were already supposed to go out, good thing I didn't with the cold weather. they'd be dead too.

This gardening thing is a lot harder than it seems it should be. Good thing I'm practicing now, and not when my life and the lives of others are depending on the produce. Although you never know, I might need the garden to survive.

I need to get off my ass and build a 1' x 4' section of SFG to house my herbs. I got oregano, basil, dill, chives, and sage to grow. I got to figure out when to plant them too. A gardener's work is never done.

I got some more preps shipped to me today. I got a nifty light Gerber multitool, two of the maxpedition bags and a cheap wool blanket from This is the second or third order I've made with them and have had zero problems. I get their e-mail newsletter and every now and then I put in an order. Their closeout section cannot be beat for prices. Their normal gear seems a little pricey, but maybe because the closeouts are so cheap.

I've been dealing with another online retailer out of Vermont, and I'm pissed that the MOLLE M14 magazine pouches have been out for about six fucking weeks now. Their customer service is for shit, no e-mail notifications nothing. Only way I find out what's going on is to call them up and ask "WTF is going on with my order?"Needless to say, I'll be shopping somewhere else next time.

I ordered a shitload of stuff through the club, and it should all be coming in soon. 5000 shotgun primers, 150# of #8 shot, 10# of 00 buckshot, Pistol powder and 4# of my H4895 powder for my rifles. And 1000 CCI military primers so I won't slam-fire. I've only did it once, but they were cheap enough so why not?

Well it's Bruins time again, Sox are on too, if this rain can hold off. I hope everyone's doing well out there, I hope this summer isn't as bad as I fear it will be.


Anonymous said...

"But tho' an old man, I am but a young gardener." Thomas Jefferson

Glad to see that you are composting!!

If you plant too early you can cover the plants at night with a few sheets of newspaper or a tarp. The frost will collect on the covering and not the plant. Do this at the end of the season too.

When you plant the tomatoes outside plant them deep. Dig a trough a few inches deep and bury most of the plant in the trough with only an inch or two sticking straight up through the surface. Buried tomato plants sprout roots so you'll have that whole section buried in the trough pushing out roots.

If your peppers flower before the middle of June pluck off the flowers so more strength goes into establishing the plant and not into fruiting. It will pay off later.

Look for good gardens in your neighborhood and speak to those folks. Gardeners love to talk about their gardens. Old Italians grow the best tomatoes.

Join NOFA.

I like gardening because there is always something to watch, do or learn from plucking buggies off of plants to reading about it.

You will be amazed how much better you do with a year under your belt. Your soil will be better. Your experience will be better.

You might want to keep a garden journal so you know what the weather is like, what blooms at certain times of the year and what plants work for you.

Bullseye said...

Been getting the garden area ready here in Kentucky too. Looking for great weather for the next week and I have plenty to do yet. I have tomatoe and pepper seeds sprouted and they are doing great. Cucumbers are going crazy, gonna have to get those out before they take over the house. Good job getting ready and keep up the good work.