Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Saturday Survivalist Meeting

Sorry I didn't post about this Saturday night, but the weekend was real crazy. Work was crazy too, considering I'm still working and it's 12:30 am the next day.

Anyway, Heading out to Franklin for the Meet was awesome. Met 9 other preppers from three States. Between the 10 of us we covered all walks of life, ages, etc. And we showed up with an open mind and chit-chatted about prepping. I personally learned a lot about HAM radio. Others learned about Faraday Cages and Solar flares from yours truly. Others had great info on where to get pre-1965 coins for silver. There was so much information going around it was a bit of an overload.

A few ideas circulated around. There might be a group buy put together for pre-1965 silver. I'm going to see about what it would cost for a whole pallet of hard red winter wheat for a group buy. Evidently I'm blessed by having an Agway I do business with. So I need to check on that.

We tentatively scheduled another meet for sometime in June. This one will be in a park or something so we aren't scaring the sheeple as much. We also can do some live skill demonstrations. Two of the guys were HAM operators, and I'd love a walk through of the basics. I could do a weapons rundown, or firestarting, or squad communications. Another fellow was an EMT, maybe a trauma 101 class.

Great stuff. Anyone out there should reach out to their fellow preppers and have similar meetings before we all get the swine flu.

It was a great time, and not filled with as much doom and gloom as you would think. Thanks to everyone who came, and if you didn't, try to get to the next one!

Oh yeah "Get off of my lawn!"


Nathan said...

Ha!! LAWN!

western mass. man said...

Yup. Sucks, I missed it.
Time was not on my side saturday.
Sorry guys. I'll hopefully have better luck next time.