Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Busy as heck.

Well sorry for dropping off of the face of the earth for the last few days. Work has been insanely busy, and it looks like my job isn't as recession-proof as I thought.

Well I shouldn't say that. More likely the stress of doing more with less is affecting everyone in my section. People are making mistakes, the boss is getting stressed out of his mind. The issue is the boss has no idea how to deal with stress so he's lashing out at anyone and everyone.

I had a meeting with the boss and he said "You don't have to be happy to work here." BULL. FUCKING. SHIT. I get a fair salary to do a good job, but this piling on until I feel like a galley slave isn't worth the stress. So if you know of a company in Boston hiring a Sr. Systems Engineer who is real good with VMware, Windows, etc. drop me a line. Even in this crappy economy IT people are getting jobs. We Engineers are what keeps business running.

Who knows I might get a shorter commute? Woo-Hoo!

Anyway, the G20 went without much fanfare. BHO has learned to keep his mouth shut if he wants this false rally to keep going. The market looked like it was going to crack 8000 before tanking to about 7800. The government doesn't want to accept the repayment of the TARP loans, because they want to hold ont the reins of power. Big shocker there.

Glen Beck debunked the whole FEMA concentration camp conspiracy theory yesterday. I did a while ago, can't find the post though. So yeah I got cable again. I have it recording Glenn Beck until he pisses me off, it's worth watching while making dinner and such.

I still have to decide on what to do about a car, my gap insurance hasn't cleared up the car loan so I'm stuck in limbo until that car loan is off of my credit report. Banks are VERY stingy with their capital right now... That's the whole credit crunch fucking me. At least I should get a low interest rate.

It's tough walking away from a job. I've been here for over 5 years, and in the IT industry that's a long time. Back in the .com days i was hopping jobs every 18 months. The main thing I need to accomplish is to get my VCP certification. With that I'm golden. I just need to review the test materials, I work in VMware every day.

One of the things the boss is doing to piss me off is yelling at me for doing anything, I mean anything non-work related and he's bitching at me. He's right but c'mon. He's bitching at me for reading work-related blogs now. I feel it's just a matter of time before the verbal warning, then the written, then the pink slip. So I'll get the resume working, I should start to have interviews in a month at the worst. Just sucks leaving a recession-proof job. I'll obviously be going for companies that are as recession-proof.


western mass. man said...

Sorry to hear about the problems your facing. It's a tough decision. I think we are all in the same boat somewhat. I've been under the microscope alot more than usual lately. It's the overtime thing.
Wifey needed a new ride this month. Lease runs out this month. Bought a used vehicle to cut costs. $290 a month beats $430 a month anyday.
I'll check my companies web site for job postings in your area as we have divisions in Revere and Tyngsboro. I usually check daily as I'm looking to relocate down south at some point.
Good Luck.

Mayberry said...

Though I usually agree with Glenn Beck, on this one I don't. I've seen the videos, and inward facing barbed wire is for only one purpose; keeping people IN. Not to mention that a bill in Congress (I forget which number) authorizes setting up strategically located military installations for "disaster response"......

You ain't the only one who's boss thinks they can jack you around right now either, I'm in that boat too....