Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunday morning

Work has been a bitch, we have a big project due soon, and the boss has been standing in my cube yelling "Schnell! Schnell!" at the top of his lungs. My end of the project is the least of his worries, but like most bosses, he worries about everything.

So with he added stress, I have not been sleeping well. Last night a few shots of tequila helped immensely :) There is a problem with most corporate managers, where how you dress, and how well you do paperwork directly correlates to how good an engineer you are. I could agree with this mentality on an applicant, or a new employee. I've been there long enough for me to prove myself time and time again. It's probably time to move on, the pressure is getting too high. I'll have to elaborate on that another time.

I made some cornbread from scratch last night, and I'm devouring a piece I grilled up for an early morning snack. It wasn't as hard as I thought, and I'll be baking more breads in the near future. I've been trying to find a simple wheat bread recipe, but ever one I found so far is for honey, granola, fancy-schmancy bread. I just want a simple, flour, water, yeast, recipe.

I just got some Ammo Cans off of ebay, 5 of them for $30 not bad at all! now I just hope the seller lives up to their reputation.

Since I'm up so early I think I'm off to the flea market to look for prep supplies. I'd like to see about some cast iron cookware, especially some pie irons. I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend, even if they are getting ready to dodge a hurricane.


Vic said...

Hello :)

I had the same problem with finding a simple wheat bread recipe, and finally my mother gave me one she used to make sometimes when i was a child.
Here it is (sorry for any translation errors, i'm from Romania):

1kg of flour, 40g of yeast, 1 teaspoon of salt, 600ml of water.

Take one cup of warm water and disolve the yeast in it.
Then mix it with 1/2 of the flour, until you get a hard enough dough.
Bespread it with flour and leave it under a towel for 2 hours for proofing.
After that, mix it with the remaining flour and the salt disolved in warm water and knead it vigorously for about 30 minutes, until the dough doesn't stick to the hands anymore.
Leave it for another 30 minutes for proofing. During this time, the dough will double it's volume.
Cut and mould it in the desired shape. Make sure to grease the pan / plateau / container before putting the dough in.
For the best results, leave it in the pan for another 30 minutes before putting it in the heated oven.
It bakes in approximately 30 minutes.

Tell me how it goes :)

Natog said...

Vic, thanks a ton, I'm working on the conversion tonight. Thanks a ton!

Don't sweat the translation, your English is better than mine!