Monday, August 25, 2008

Damn ammo cans.

So I've been looking for surplus ammo cans for storing ammunition and some other preps, like bandages and seeds and such, but the damn things are really freaking expensive! The local army surplus store has them for $15 a pop in rusted, crappy condition. Not good. I found a place on the interweb that had reasonable prices, but shipping makes them $20 a pop.... grrrr. I need to keep looking locally. Time to hit the flea markets again.

I sincerely apologize for not posting over the weekend. I had work that needed to be caught up on, and after staring at a server screen most of the time, the last thing I wanted to do for recreation was stare at a computer screen... So I went shooting instead :)

I am happy to announce that my Mosin Nagant is shooting very nicely because I slipped a little heat shrink tube over the front post to make it longer. This corrected the problem that I was shooting 5-8" high at 100 yards. Heat shrink tubing is used in electronics to insulate wires. You should be able to find it anywhere, cheap. At 50 yards I put 4 rounds through a 2" circle, and at 100 yards I was having trouble seeing the dot to shoot at, but I did keep it on a 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper. This is with crappy military sights. I might be buying some Mojo sights, but I think I'll save the $ for now for a M1A, M14, or FN FAL. If I save $100 a week I might be able to buy one before the next nitwit is sworn in.

I also shot skeet again, purely for entertainment. I'm pretty good at it, if I do say so myself, and I scored 16/25 on Saturday, and on Sunday scored 12, 20, & 21. That's with a tactical Remington 870 Express. I'm trying like hell to borrow a buddy's skeet gun to see what I'd shoot with the proper gear.

I'm continuing to practice weekly with my .22 rifle. It's fun, and cheap. Plus I'm getting to be a damn good shot. Now I need to work on my pistol shooting more. I have seen improvement, but I still have a long way to go.

I saw a bunch of articles from, including this one from Business Week. The last paragraph was very interesting for me:
Of course, there's one simple solution to the GSE problem: nationalize them, says analyst Chris Whalen of Institutional Risk Analytics. He says the Treasury should go ahead and wipe out the common equity, which the market has pretty much done on its own anyway, and promise to make holders of preferred stocks and subordinated debt whole. And financing? If the two mortgage financiers are taken over by the government, notes Whalen, "you don't have to worry about financing."

Really? We don't have to worry about financing? I think if this clown Whalen could pull his head out of his ass for 10 minutes, he'd realize that impact to the economy would make this the worst option. Guaranteed to turn our dollar into Monopoly money even faster.

I saw a coin shop this weekend, but it was closed. I still need to load up on food, but picking up a silver coin here and there is a good idea. Jim Rawles is suggesting we load up on nickles, as they are 75% pure copper, and is currently worth 6.35 cents each. I'm sorry Jim, but I got more important stuff to worry about, like storing food. If I had a fancy ranch in the middle of nowhere off the grid with enough firepower to take on the golden horde mano-o-mano then I'll store nickels.

Saw another Mall Ninja on the range this weekend. He was happily sighting in a new AR15. I asked why he went with that over say a SOCOMM16 (mall ninja version of the M14) he said "What's that?" He asked what I was shooting, and when I replied a .22, he said "I didn't know they made .223's so small." I put my muffs on an ignored him after that...


Lweson said...

Look on eBay for ammo cans, sometimes you can get lucky

western mass. man said...

I'll keep an eye out.
I'm gonna need a few myself soon.

abel said...

Plastic ammo boxes at wally world for $8 ea.
Peace, Al B.

tmo said...

i woudl stay away from the plastic ones... once filled with ammo they can break really easily even from a small drop.

I got a pretty good deal from|827

2 of the 9 that i got were a little rusted on the inside but cleaned up really well.

they also have some great deals on mil-spec bullets for reloading

theotherryan said...

I would suggest going as near as possible to a military installation (unless it is 100+ miles) and hitting up the surplus stores. They aren't much cheaper but you don't pay shipping. Also you get to see the cans before you buy them. A little bit of surface rust can be fixed with an SOS pad but serious rust is a problem. Also be sure to make sure the seals on the top of the can lids are moist not all dry and cracked up.