Monday, August 11, 2008

Book Review - "Abc's Of Reloading: The Definitive Guide For Novice To Expert"

I bought this book in direct response to the insane prices of ammunition these days. I knew absolutely nothing about the subject, and it piqued my interest in a way of saving $ while being able to practice shooting.

The book is laid out along the lines of articles from a magazine, where each section is very detailed about whatever it's talking about. One drawback is there is no information whatsoever about loads themselves in the book! I was expecting at least common, safe formulas for common rounds. The book repeats (at least 4 times) to use the data provided by the bullet manufacturer on how much powder and which kind to use. They also stress not to trust any information on the internet forums and such, as you could break your weapon, or worse yet hurt yourself. There is a whole section that goes over all the available powders and what they are for. I have to admit I skipped this, as I'm just going to use what the bullet manufacturers suggest.

Rifle, handgun, and shotshell reloading are covered, each has it's own section in the back for specific information for each one. Step by step guides are given as well, with plenty of pictures.

All the terminology for reloading is well explained. It can get rather confusing, with the different crimps, different primers, etc. What value is this to the "Expert" mentioned in the title is unknown to me, but It helped this beginner out a lot.

On the whole, I'm glad I bought the book because I know what to look for in a press, and where to find the reloading ammunition. I also learned about accessories I need, in particular they are a big proponent of the electronic scale. If you are new to reloading this is a good spot to start. One thing that's nice, is now you have an idea on how things work so you can ask reloaders on the range what they like, and why.

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tmo said...

most load data is available on manufacturers websites (both bullet and powder companies)