Friday, August 1, 2008

Tax Holiday!

Well, Governor Deval Patrick decided to throw a little Bread and Circus of his own. August 16th & 17th are a sales-tax free day, for anything under $2500. It's a bit ahead of schedule for me but I'll be buying my generator that day. I hope I can save up enough cash before then, money has been tight. Looks like PB&J sandwiches for lunch the next few weeks, I saved a bunch of money doing it this week.

Plus, the job owes me $400 in mileage. I submitted the paperwork and the boss made some grunting sounds, then looked like he was going to pop a vein right then and there. Then he squawked like a chicken and shit a brick. He's like "Why you submitting mileage? You never had before." My response was "I've gotten smarter." He didn't like that remark, and made me break it into smaller checks. The bigger boss is sitting on $200 worth now, I'll submit the rest next week.

Even though the datacenter is 35 miles from my house, we can only submit the 17 miles it is from our regular job. That's a ripoff in and of itself, but 34 miles a trip is better than nothing.

If I can eat PB&J for dinner, I might be able to save enough for a .22 pistol (preferably used)... going to need to buy more jelly!

I've been looking at the 3500watt one from Lowes for $400, or I could buy the 5000 watt one w/ electric start for $700. I got to sit down and figure what I need to run, then size it for that power load. I got some math to do, and I got to borrow my buddy's Kill-a-Watt too.

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Bustednuckles said...

Check the RV section of your local Craigslist!

I see generators on there all the time for a heck of a lot less than $700 bucks.