Wednesday, August 13, 2008

tips and tricks

So I got the wind knocked outta me by tripping over a rug and catching the corner of the countertop right in the solar plexus this morning. For me, to get your wind back fast all you need to do is breathe out when you want to inhale and breath in when you want to exhale. Sounds stupid, but it works for me. I'm not exactly sure how it works, but somehow it stops your solar plexus from being discombobulated.

Ever have a chucklehead try to crush your hand when you shake hands? The simple trick here is to keep your index finger straight, and they could use a vice, and it wouldn't do squat. It works by aligning the bones in your hand to stack on top of each other, interlocking a little so no matter how hard they squeeze, you can be suitably unimpressed.

Just a quick post today, as work is kicking my butt today pretty hard. I don't buy the crap from the mass media for one second that the economy is going to recover. I made the prediction in an earlier post that oil would drop, just wait until winter! Oh joy, Bush wants to back Georgia now... that's just great. So where are we going to get the troops from? Can't print troops like he does money.


Staying Alive said...

Sometimes I think the economy is getting better then we have another disasterous week and go back to square one. The truth of the matter is the system is rotten to the core. I thought we would be having food riots by now but I guesss that was off a bit. Give it another month or two.


Natog said...

This winter will be ugly, buy some extra blankets because oil's going to be expensive!

Patricia said...

Thanks--I'll try and remember that tip about breathing out when you want to breathe in and visa versa. Sounds odd enough to work.