Monday, May 19, 2008

Sunday purchases

Sunday I like to visit my Mum. This time we agreed to meet near a huge fleamarket I normally don't go to for breakfast and browsing. This particular market has higher dealer fees, so getting a bargain is tougher. It is nice because they have about 100 or so dealers there, and a wide selection of stuff.

So to make a long story short I found an excellent bug-out knife for $15. It's "stainless" but it's the crappy grade of steel, but it fits my hand well, and has a good sheath that has a positive click. This way I can fix it onto my BOB straps vertical and it won't fall out. I'll sharpen it up tonight and see how it takes and edge.

I also scored two of the instant cold compresses for $1 each and a good size box of the bleed-stopping gauze for $3. The cold compresses are nice, but might be too heavy for the BOB. If so I'll toss them into the camping first-aid kit. I'm almost there on my BOB's first-aid kit, and for a lot less $ then one of the pre-packaged ones.

Now I have mentioned my inner voice before, and it tickled my brain again about the Coleman outlet. I haven't been there in a year, so I figured I'd burn the gas to go check it out. Well like always, listening to that inner voice paid off! Turns out they are going out of business (dammit) but had 40% off the entire store! I didn't go hog wild, as I already had a lot of stuff. I did pick up some extra mantles for my lanterns, a good compass, a camping knife-fork-spoon, and a set of stainless backpacking cookware. And to top it all off they had one of those "personal hydration" backpacks for 60% off. It has next to no additional storage space, and it isn't tactical with all the reflective tape all over it, but I can wear it under my coat or BOB. Toss in a very small flashlight and it was $45 for the lot. Major score!

I have been meaning to get one of those camelbacks or whatever for a while for my bike riding. and like most of the stuff I've been getting it serves a nice dual-purpose for my preparedness preparations. (Was that even English?)


Mayberry said...

Ha! Listen to your little voice. I wish I had, and rest assured I do now! He won't do you wrong.

riverwalker said...

Have two camelbacks with hydration bladders and they've got storage pouches. Good for a lightweight BOB if you need to move fast and can't handle a big load.