Friday, May 30, 2008


I have to admit I've slacked off a bit today to research just what is going on with the price of oil these days. I heat my house with oil, and there is no freaking way I'll be able to afford to heat my house this winter. Because of the brilliant fire-codes here in my town, I cannot add a wood stove either. So basically, I'm fucked this winter.

So it looks like there are several reasons for the gas to be so expensive. China has doubled it's oil imports over the last 10 years. OPEC won't increase production. The cost to actually refine the oil has jumped from $5-$10 a barrel to $20 - $30 a barrel. The world demand for oil has gone up as well. The dollar is so weak right now, I think I'll kick the next Republican I see in the beanbag.

Of all these factors only two are pointing to a sharp increase in price. The weak dollar is killing us, and those nitwits printing more money is not helping the issue. Also, there is the spike in refining costs for fuel. I see no reason as to why it would cost more to refine a barrel of oil this year rather than last year. I think this bears more investigation.

Ultimately though it's our Federal Government that is squarely to blame. If those meatballs in office could just keep the dollar strong we wouldn't have it half as bad as we do now. Just thinking about it makes me tankful I am in a (mostly) recession-proof field of work. I might not lose my job, but my money is in survival mode, I'm not even going to see the new Indy film to save $.


Mayberry said...

The new Indy film has been so hyped up with merchandising crap that I wouldn't see it if someone paid me to. Oil prices are a crock, and part of the scam governments are pulling on the sheeple. Get used to it, the sky's the limit. And if your town won't let you have a wood stove, I'd find me a new town! I know, I know. Easier said than done.

Staying Alive said...

I am coming to the conclusion that what ever the mainstram media and the fedgov say about things is gonna be a lie. I am convinced that we are perilously close to a collapse and we are not being told the truth of the matter. But Bush 1 and Bush 2, along with Clinton, will be okay. Never fear. Their asses are covered.


Bustednuckles said...

The Oil speculators have quite a bit to do with it, the same is true with food prices.
For someone needing a good kick in the nads, start at Wall Street and THEN work your way to DC.

riverwalker said...

It ain't gonna get any cheaper. Maybe I ought to get some extra bubble wrap....beef up the insulation on my jacket! It's gonna get cold sooner or later and I may not be able to buy it(oil) any more since it's probably gonna be out of my price range.

Selous Scout said...

The Fed Gov wants a "cheap" dollar to pay off it's debts. It has a precarious balancing act going on right now, and the little guy is getting his ass handed to him.

Mayberry said...

Damn, Scout hit the nail on the head there. Michael's got his part right. Busted knuckles has the solution, and Riverwalker has reality in sight. This is where we're headed folks. Hold on. We are but pawns in the game, and we'll be treated as such, mark my words.