Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Random things

Well I had my interview last night for my LTC. I am going for the Class A, which in the nanny state means I can carry large capacity handguns, and own large capacity rifles. I got finger printed and added to the Mass electronic ID check thingy. The Sgt. was cool, and I was surprised (and relived) there was no real interview. In four to six weeks I should have my Class A, hopefully without restrictions.

I need to re-read all the laws and such for my state and purchasing firearms. It is insanely complex, and does absolutely nothing to stop the bad guys from getting whatever the hell they want. For example, I can only buy certain firearms new. These are on a list that the bowels of bureaucracy spits out. In order to get on the list a firearm manufacturer has to send five weapons at their own expense for testing, and then the AG can still veto it. It's bullshit!

So now I have to buy used, which isn't so bad, but it has to be made before a certain date (Oct '98 I think) and so on and so forth. Extra magazines have to be from a certain date or earlier as well. I would have to say it's nothing short of a pain in the balls, but at least I can still get something. Soon enough I feel that Mass will join NY and CA in even more restrictive, unconstitutional, and irrational victim disarmament (as Boston T. Party would say)

At this point I'm not 100% sure of what I would like to buy. Down the road I want a shotgun, a battle-rifle, and a handgun. The shotty is already decided, nothing says "I wub you" like the click-clack of a Remington 870. I've seen deer shot close with 00 buck, and the entire chest cavity was nothing but hamburger and bits of bone.

The battle rifle is a different story. I have seen the differences in damage between a 5.56 and a 7.62, and there is no way I'm going into any type of SHTF scenario with a .22. Yeah ammo is cheap and plentiful, but I want to shoot a bad guy once, not dump half a clip into their chest to have them crawl off and cause more trouble. Right now I'm leaning towards the FAL line. They give me more bang for my buck (har har). It is not carved in stone, as I have yet to actually shoot one. I have shot an M1 so the M14 is high on the list, but they are just too pricey now. Especially extra mags.

Now I have a love affair with the .45ACP cartridge. I have always thought that pistols need big heavy slugs for stopping power, and the fact that all the police forces in the area are abandoning the 9mm cartridge for the .40 cal proves to me that My original assesment from '82 is still the correct one. I love the 1911, but I'm not a big fan of the single action. I think I might go with the Glock .45 for my primary and a 1911 for a second handgun. I have yet to shoot the Glock, and because they are not on the list I have to buy it used. I'll be making it priority #1 once I have my LTC to try one out and make a decision.

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Selous Scout said...

If I were to live in a very restrictive state, I believe my choices would be:

Battle Rifle - M1 Garand, buy from the CMP, get Greek non-corrosive from them loaded in 8 round clips and bandoliers. Talk about reach out and touch someone.

An alternative would be an SKS. Inexpensive ammo as far as other calibers are concerned. Lot's of window dressing if that is your bag, and very inexpensive to purchase compared to other weapons.

Home Defense - 12Ga. pump, Mossberg or Remington. An alternate for ammo compatibility with your battle rifle is the AK 47 for its massive firepower and reliability.

I would also have a good .22lr autoloader with scope for harvesting small game.

Handgun - what ever you are comfortable shooting and can afford to practice with.

Just my 2 cents worth.