Thursday, May 29, 2008

More preperations

Well I bit the bullet, and bought some more stuff I needed for the BOB. I got myself a great water filter from and bought some items for the first aid kit and 5 days worth of dehydrated Mountain House food. I also grabbed some survival rations, and a wind up radio/flashlight kit for short $.

The water filter removes cryptosproidium, and it's filter is good for 200 gallons or so. I was going to buy the "upgraded model" but all it adds is a ceramic disk and a carbon filter for better taste... more stuff to break and more stuff to have extras of. this model is only 11oz. and can connect directly to the water backpack thingy I got from Coleman. Down the road I'll be getting a replacement filter, but 200 gallons should be good for a while. Better to put $ into other areas.

The survival rations are for the core bag. It's 3days worth of food in a vacuum sealed pack good for 5 years. The dehydrated food will go in the BOB. When I get some more $ to spend I'll buy another weeks worth or so and keep it in the bigger BOB. Down the road I'll probably get some of the #10 cans for the house in case I get to bug out with my truck, and they last 35 years rather than 7.

The wind up radio and light will go in the bigger BOB. I need to split the messkit I got into 2 parts, one for the BOB the rest into the Bigger BOB.


riverwalker said...

Don't forget to check out the yard sales and flea markets. I've gotten a lot of good stuff for cheap. Got a Jansport 80 Regular backpack(external frame) for only $5. They didn't know what they had and I wasn't gonna tell them.

riverwalker said...

BTW, the backpack was in great condition. I don't think they ever used it.

Natog said...

I'm a flea market fiend! Check out an earlier post I did all about flea markets.

riverwalker said...

Will do!