Wednesday, May 14, 2008


So what happened to the middle ground? The current political structure in the U.S. of A. is a field of fruit-loop extremists on one platform or another. I consider myself a moderate in many ways, but there is just no where for me to stand without being int democrat vs. republican vs. commie-pink-o vs. libertarian vs. green party... AAARRRGHHH!

My problem is that I, like most intelligent Americans, don't fit neatly into one political bucket or the other. I'm Anti-Gun control, but I'm Pro-Choice... Am I Republican or a Democrat?

Why force anyone onto one side of the fence or the other? There are more than two sides to every issue, so why do we have only two (viable) political parties? Give me a third damn choice that isn't on the fringe!

America has a host of issues, and one of the biggest problems is we are a two political party system. It is too easy for the lobbyists, the special interest groups, the corporations, etc. to play one side against the other. Take a look at the up coming presidential farce of an election and see who ultimately wins regardless of who is elected. It certainly isn't the common citizen!

The candidates selected to run from the democratic and republican parties are those individuals who:

A) Have the best chance of winning
B) Will serve the party

Now far be it from me to be so selfish as to wonder where I am on that list. Oh that's right I'm NOT. Democrats care about Democrats and Republicans about Republicans. All of the slimy bastards care about lining their pockets and keeping their political agendas going.

What ever happened to political servants? I elect the prick to serve me, and his other constituents! Not his political party, not the SIG's, bot the corporations, but the people. That's all the constituents - Republican, Democrat, Green Party, Libertarian, etc. All of them!

the more I think about this whole mess we are in the more it pisses me off. If and that is a big IF a 3rd party starts to form you can bet your bottom dollar that both the Republicans and Democrats wouldn't stop until it's stomped in the ground, then go back to their old shenanigans.

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