Thursday, May 22, 2008


I found this interesting article on this morning about Seasteading. Interesting ideas in the wired article, and a full book on the subject is here. I have always been fascinated with the development of a system of government. In particular I have always been interested in Sealand. I have to confess when it was up for sale I bought extra MegaMillions tickets to see if I could be lucky enough to win and buy the damned thing.

If your in deep water your immune to tsunamis, and your not in range of a nuclear target, it might be the ultimate retreat location. Never mind your on the open sea, and if you want to buy a RPG, you can! Between aquaculture and gardens on the roof you could keep a family fed quite well.

I'll read the book, and post again on the subject if it's worth the time.

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Mayberry said...

Ahhh so. My area of expertise. This idea has more problems than I know what to do with! First off, you need a hell of a big boat for a family. This boat will have to be hauled out, or at least beached somewhere with a big tidal swing, once a year to clean/ paint the bottom (unless you sheathe it in copper, which at the going rate would cost a small fortune). Your boat would have to be custom built, as no production boats are suited to the purpose, nor up to the task for any length of time. Water would be a huge issue. Watermakers all require 120/240 VAC, and are reverse osmosis units, which require frequent membrane changes. Not a viable option. If weather forcasting becomes extinct, you'd be at the mercy of the sea. The sea ain't too damn merciful. After TSHTF, I'd also expect piracy to be a big issue again. On so many levels, "seasteading" ain't a good idea.