Tuesday, May 27, 2008

BOB progress

Well Last night while watching the Celtics lose in a most disappointing fashion, I managed to get some work on my BOB done. I also watched a bunch of videos on youtube.com from P.A.W. productions about food storage and such. For those of you outside the survivalist circle a BOB is a Bug Out Bag. Basically it's everything you need to survive. You keep all your necessary gear in the bag, and you grab it as you haul ass out the door.

I got my hands on a awesome rucksack a few weeks ago in one of my flea market expeditions. It's US military surplus, and cost me $5! I also got one of the huge duffel bags that open on the end with a shoulder strap for $5 too :) I love flea markets.

I've got the deal of the century on the rucksack, it's a combat model, so there are tabs to quick-release the backpack in case of trouble. Very handy. I attached the knife I got the other day at the other flea market tactically on the left strap, I can easily draw it, and I can still get to the strap releases in a hurry.

I sharpened up the 6" bladed knife, and I'm rather pleased on how well it took an edge. While I was at it I touched up my little Gerber pocket knife as well. Yet another task done, all while the Celtics got their asses whupped.

For the actual supplies in my BOB, I'll have to do another post down the road, as I'm not complete yet. I'll outline my plan though. I intend to have a modular system of components that I can either grab or ditch as the disaster strikes. I scored that camelback personal hydration thingy at the Coleman outlet, and that will form the core of my system. In there I'll have the absolute minimum of survival equipment. Flint 'n' steel, Water purification tablets, micro fishing survival kit, pocketknife, survival blanket, etc. It is a small backpack itself, so I can stash a minimum of supplies there. No matter what this is my last line of survival, It wouldn't even contain a firearm. Over this Camelback is the rucksack, this has all the usual survival gear.

Those two packs will cover me on foot. The duffel will hold more supplies, in the event I can catch a ride, more "luxury" items like a shotty to go with the battle-rifle and handgun in the rucksack. The next level would be all my gear I can stuff into my truck, assuming I can bug out via the roads.

Attached to the rucksack will be pouches of gear I can drop if not needed or if I have to. For example, I'll have a "civil disobedience" kit that has swimming goggles, dust masks, and vinegar to deal with CS gas. If the poop doesn't hit the fan in such a way as that accessory kit is not needed then I can ditch it. I can't afford a gas mask, I have better places to put my $ for now. Down the road I'll re-assess once more $ becomes available.

I'm going to do what I normally don't and that's buy some items on credit. I don't have any CC balance, so I'm going to buy a few things I need now, and pay them off as I can. Nothing extravagant, just a water filter and some dehydrated food for the BOB.

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riverwalker said...

You're way ahead of most of the people out there. Hang in there and you'll do fine.