Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Year One

Well it's been a year since I started this project.

There has been a lot of work, and more importantly, a lot of learning. This journey has only begun. I fear we all will be burdened with hardship over the next few years at least.

For anyone not currently prepping, there is still time to get ahead of the game. I'm not talking about building NBC bunkers with field hospitals like Mr. Rawles. Just some simple food and water and you will increase your survivability in a natural disaster by a lot.

That reminds me. We are so focused on the pending economic collapse, no one saw the swine flu coming. We need to stay vigilant, not just for the obvious threat, but the potential threats as well.
To think I started by worrying about the upcoming hurricane season. From there the veil of deceit was lifted. I have grown in so any ways I couldn't begin to count them. Although I have to admit that in one major way I am even more close-minded. I'm now a militant agnostic... :p

I used to be politically agnostic, now I am (mostly) a Libertarian. I still cannot stomach their drug policy, though. I've seen first hand what happens to youth who use hard drugs.

I have gone from being an unarmed sheeple to a rather well-armed man with some solid shooting skills. I still need to get some better training, especially in defensive pistol, but I have a foundation to work from.

I used to keep barely 3 days of food in the house to having months of food stored. I also have plenty of ways to have water. I have some stored, plus I have the means to make an infinite supply.

I used to have a few band-aids, hydrogen peroxide and Tylenol in the house to a extensive medical kit. No birthing kits, but trauma patches, surgical staples, etc. I guess I'm more worried about getting shot than pregnant.

As I have changed so has the world. Even if this economic situation resolves itself (it won't) then we are looking at the inability of the Federal Government to pay Social Security, etc. for all the baby-boomers that are retiring.

There is no certainty in the economy, in politics, or even religion (I really don't like the new pope). Will it be this year that the American Catholic Church splits from Rome? Will unemployment go over 20%? Wait a sec, it's AT 20% now!!!

We don't know what the future holds, that is precisely why we prepare. So keep on prepping, I will.

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irishdutchuncle said...

if we were to split from rome, we wouldn't be catholics any more.
the episcopalians tried it 500 years ago and have gotten hopelessly fouled up. the problem is not with what the catholic church teaches, but rather in the weak faith of american cafeteria catholics. if we choose to be popular with protestants and jews instead of seeing the rightness of catholic doctrine we will lose. there is no safety in numbers for those who believe wrongly.