Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Well that was the hardest exam I have ever taken. Still passed it first shot, which saves me $175. Now I get to do the "easy" Microsoft exams, Next one is in a week.

There is one rule when it comes to the IT field. "He who has the most initials after his name wins." I already have the A+, Network +, MCSE NT4, VCP. One more M$ exam and I add MCDBA 2000, and MCSE 2000 to the list. I never finished college so I make up for no 4 year degree with having more certs than the people that bothered.

If I do lose the job I'm going to look into getting a degree. Since I'm a minority I'll check into a grant or something to pay my mortgage while I go to school. Most people do 4 years, I figure I could do a double major in 3, so long as the classes are available. Who knows?

I have been completely slacking off on preps for the last month. Been to busy and stressed out. After this next exam I should be in a good spot to jump ship. There are not many VCP's running around, so I have a good shot of getting the fuck out of there. The Boss tld me that there were no decent applicants out there for the positions we have open. He tried spinning it that I would have a hard time finding a job. HA! If I'm competing against shitheads I'll have no problem at all upgrading, never mind getting an equal position. Typical. Just because I'm not the best at Microsoft Project the paper-pushing boss thinks I'm a bad engineer. No one else knows perl, VB, ASP, T-SQL, CSS, or even VBscript in my team. The web guys know vbscript, but they report to a different manager. The DBA's know T-SQL, but no other engineer does. Typical.

Whoops, rant off tangent. I was talking about preps. I think I need a summer gun. The Sig is WAY to big to carry with just a T-shirt on. I might get a small .45 for a summer gun. Something smaller that hides well. The local shop has a Para Ordance Lite Hawg for $900. Tempting. I think I'll see if they can order the single-stack Slim Hawg. 6+1 is enough, since I'm looking for concealment. I would make sure I have an extra mag on me anyways.

I need to do a full inventory. It's been a while, and I should go through everything and see what I got. Plus, I need to make room for hard, red, winter wheat. I've inquired at m local source, but they never called me back. I'll have to swing by Saturday and light a fire under their asses. I'm still waiting on the price of a ton as a group buy too. Dammit.

Well i'ts 8:40 and I'm going to bed. Stayed up most of the night studying and memorizing crap that didn't help me on the exam. Be safe out there, poop is coming hard and fast. There's a little fly on it onderign why the spinning thing is getting so close so fast :P


TJ said...

Congratulations on passing the exam. I always relied on being prior-service and a geezer to keep my GS Computer Specialist job. :-) The M$ certifications always seems like just a way for them to make more money off us poor working stiffs.

theotherryan said...

If you are set on sticking with a .45 what about a Glock 30? Relatively good deal, reliable as can be and no worries about a finish getting hurt by EDC.

riverwalker said...

Good job of passing the exam! Now if someone could tell me why I can't print over the network? LOL

BTW, corrected a problem with my shooting on the 10/22. I was jerking the trigger and it was causing me to shoot low and to the left. As usual. it ain't the gun's fault. Picked up a Taurus 9mm for a couple of hundred bucks a while back and need to give it a good workout session.