Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Now I'm not one to panic, but there is definitely something up with the ammo supply here in New England. I had me a day off on Monday and went up to Kittery Trading Post to stock up on some reloading supplies, and buy a box of 9mm Luger for a brother's friend.

Well Kittery is renowned for it's supply of ammo. Truth be told they were out of almost all reloading supplies. The only primers they had were shotgun and magnum large rifle. That's it. That is crazy. They didn't know when or if they were goign to get any more of it, either.

It blows my mind. they did have .308 and .45ACP American Eagle rounds, but I could care less. Al I saw for 5.56mm was 3 cases of 500 rounds. all the 20 round boxes were gone. They had plenty of the weird ammo types, but little else for .357 Mag, .38 Spcl, 9mm, .380, etc. but they had .308 and .45ACP. About a case of each... How sad is that.

I had to go to several stores to finally get the 9mm. Suc a pain in the butt. That store was out fro 5 months, just got some in the other day. I had to resist the urge to buy extra. Mum's going to get a 9mm at some point, but I didn't have the extra cash this week to invest in ammo she might need. I got a huge order of supplies coming in through the gun club. At least $400 worth of goodies. Including 1000 CCI military rifle primers and 8# of H4895 powder. the M1A will love that.

Well there is an ammo shortage, as soon as it comes in it's flying off of the shelves. I wasat bass pro shop and some guy had 500 rounds of shotgun ammo in 00 buck, #4 buck, #6, #2 and BB. Along with 250ish rounds of .40 and 500 rounds of various rifle ammo. I had to help him lift the baskets into a carriage. nuts.

If you can it's time to stock up. Although all the stores were short of ammo none were gouging. A buck or two extra a box is all I saw. That's a refreshing site.

Oh yeah anyone looking for the see-through polymer AR15 mags, Kittery had cases of them for $20 a pop I think. No good for us Mass people (cough) but for those in other places they had plenty.


Mark Kent said...

The last gun show here was loaded (pun inteneded) with ammo. Anything I needed was there. Price was good too. But it was flying out the door I must admit. I got in early as a seller so I could take my pick of what I needed.

The local stores have started to get some back in but they put a two box limit on each caliber. I have a local guy who reloads for me CHEAP so I am just waiting for him to call.

At a local sporting goods store they had 6 Colt 30 round mags for $15.00 each and they now have a new home.

Good advice to buy while you can since it could get worse instead of better.


Mayberry said...

Glad I got me a decent stash last summer... Of course, more would be nice! But I got more important stuff to get now.

theotherryan said...

I don't NEED anything except more 30.06 though a couple more boxes of everything would be nice. The decrease in availability and rise of prices has hindered my shooting. That makes me sad.