Tuesday, May 19, 2009

so tired

Well I'm taking a break from studying to post. I have been slacking off a lot lately, and for that I am sorry. I am studdying to get my VCP certification, and it is a lot of just dumb memorization. That's how they get you in IT certifications. I'm close to being ready to take the exam. This will be a big step in my "marketability" as not a ton of people have it. To get the cert you need to take a $3,000 class, then pass an exam. You have to take the class, It's VMware's way of seperating the "paper" VCP's and the real ones. No one is going to pony up $3k for a class when they can use braindumps to get a dozen Microsoft and Cisco exams for the same cash.

After that I got to do one more exam and I become a 2000 MCSE and a 2000 MCDBA. These don't mean anywhere near as much, but then 2 more exams and I can get my 2003 MCSE. Then I need to pass 3 more for my 2008 MCSE. The M$ exams don't carry as much weight, as the brain dumps make them so much easier to take.

I did spend some cash on myself and saw Star Trek last weekend. OMFG it was really, really, good. Cast and acting were spectacular. So good I didn't need to be wowed by FX to get through the movie. I highly recommend it.

I also am looking forward to Terminator: Salvation. I'll see that in a couple weeks.

The garden is doing well, not as good as I hoped, but I am rather new to the whole growing green things. Mold is no problem, just look in the back of the fridge. Plants are a different story. Garlic is doing tremendous, and I finally planted the peppers, beans, and cukes. The tomatoes and peppers have flopped over no matter what I have tried. Next year it was suggested to me to have a fan blowing on the tomato plants to beef up the stems. If we have electricity, I will.

The market is scaring the crap out of me. Not just because I need to switch jobs but because we are still losing 600k jobs a month. Obammy's budget figured a 8.1% unemployment rate (faked numbers) but we will hit 11% no problem even with the government's cooked books. We are right now at 20% unemployment - real numbers.

Mum is getting her class A license as well. The tough thing is she has her eye on a 9mm and I can't find jack shit for ammo. Primers are non-existent. I have cut way back on my centerfire shooting, and using the .22LR pistol and rifle for shooting practice. I placed an order for shotgun supplies for skeet, and no one in the club ha any idea when our order will be filled. Between all the guys it's like $5k in stuff, and we can't get it. Damn.

Well I hope everyone out there is safe, and enjoying the early summer. Wish me luck on the exam, I think I'm going friday or the tuesday after.


tmo said...

you can grow tomato plants to about 4-5" then when you transplant them into the ground bury them up to the top leaves. this will give you 4-5" of roots (they grow out the sides of the plant where the furry parts of the stem are.

western mass. man said...

I haven't started planting yet.
Been too cold last couple of weeks.
Good thing too. the frost I got on Monday night would have killed everything off. I don't know if its me, but this spring seems to have been colder than normal.
Reloading supplies in my end of the woods is non-existant. There is still some 9mm available over here, but still low, (providing it's not sold out by now). I was having trouble finding .45acp, but my gun shop in Adams just got some in a few weeks ago. That maybe gone now as well.
Good luck on your exams.

theotherryan said...

Good luck, I hope you smoke it so you can take a relaxing break and write chapter 6.